Remove pop up advertisements in app

Getting daily advertisements pop ups on camera screens in app. This advertising is in the way of monitoring my cameras and events , I am a paying customer and do not want these annoying and unsolicited advertisements! I have in app promotional notifications turned off … Please remove these advertisements ASAP .

Hopefully these are reduced or zero? You may be the best candidate to tell. :slight_smile:

@mrgadget, I sent an inquiry to Wyze. The response I got was that they found an issue with the In App Messages configuration when the settings were toggled off and have corrected it for people that disabled IAMs. I have also learned that based on the feedback from users, they have also reduced the freequency of popups within the app.

Hopefully you will see an improvement.

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When is this “correction” going to be released ? Still getting advertisements. Huge distraction when trying to monitor cameras . I get a notification an when I go look at the video I get the advertisement in front of the cameras and also in events.


I’m getting the same thing. Beyond annoying when you turn off notifications and it still shows.


@mrgadget and @tbelknap,

Not sure how long it takes to propigate the changes since the popups are server side and not App version or cam FW based.

I am a community volunteer, a user like you, with limited direct access to Wyze employees. But, there are a couple of back channels I can use w\ Wyze employees on the Forum.

I have sent your last post up the flagpole again. Will ask if this is something different than the previous and see if we can get an update. Hang tight!


As I understand it, they have been working to identify and fix the popups that have no exit route. Those are the highest priority. If you come across any of those, please screenshot it and post.

In the meantime, keep "X"ing those out to get to your events. Hopefully they will get them turned off soon. If I get any reply from the latest info request I sent, I will post back.

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Check your apps again please. Just received a message from Wyze that the popup issues were identified and have been changed to make it better. Report back with any developments.


Still getting popup advertisements . Very annoying.
I would understand some small advertising in the header or footer of the page but a pop up advertisement that covers the screen I am trying to monitor is ridiculous for a app that Is used for security . No only is it advertisements but now a survey.
… Wyze STOP THE ADVERTISMENTS. Enough already .How difficult can this be ?


Curious, what are your in app notification settings for the promotional material? Account - notification - in app.


Hear are my In App Notification Settings ,

Turn off the “in app notification” also.


I have everything turned off and still getting pop ups for cam plus. Just got one today when I checked a camera.

Off please

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