Please get intrusive ads for Cam Plus off my camera views!

On the Wyze app for iOS (iPad) I am seeing constant ads for a “free Cam Plus trial” on my camera group view screen.

There is no way to dismiss the ad. The ad remains even after clicking on it.

It is extremely annoying and totally unwanted.

This is disrespectful and user-hostile behaviour.

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Do you have your in app notifications turned off?

Can you post a screenshot of the Ad?

Which App version?

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I am having the exact same experience on my iOS devices. All notifications are off in the app and I continue to get frequent ads for Cam Plus when trying to switch between cameras in the app. I use these cameras to keep a real time eye on our chickens and I frequently need to switch between cameras. I have no need or desire for a subscription service for my application, I’d just like these ads to go away.
Had I known adding a couple of OG cameras to my system would pollute it with Cam Plus ads I would have gone in another direction.

Welcome back to the Wyze User Community Forum @kphartnett! :raising_hand_man:

I have Cam Plus Unlimited, so I don’t see any of the Ads. I am not familiar with those you are describing or how\when they are initiated.

In what App screen and what scenario does this appear? What buttons are being pressed to get you there?

I get these adds when switching away from one camera to another. When I hit the back arrow to return to the camera selection menus, I’m redirected to this add. It seems to happen every few minutes and I get this add redirect a dozen or more times a day

Just wanted to make sure that it wasn’t when a feature that requires Cam Plus was deleted.

IMO, it should only be showing you an Ad if you select an option or feature that requires Cam Plus. Not when you are simply returning to the home screen. That would get very annoying in extremely short order.

Beyond the settings to disable all In All Notifications, I don’t think there are any user controls to stop them. I will do some digging and ask some questions w\ others on the volunteer team.

SAME. On iPhone I’m trapped on one of these pages, there is no way to dismiss it. Don’t even know what I did to get on it. Was navigating camera views and got hijacked onto purchasing additional services which is only mildly annoying but what is really !@!!#$#@!#$!#!@#$%% rude is NO WAY TO DISMISS THE PAGE!!!

Wyze, I’d really like to look at my Cam Plus subscribed camera views without getting trapped on buy more services page!

The irritant banner crops up over my shortcut buttons and once in a great while I can sneak past it and engage my shortcut. When clicking on that intrusive banner trash ends up in my cart and thus I will delete the unwanted product sitting in my cart. I am currently trying to get my Lorex push notifications to be rock solid then I will stop using Wyze. I liked the experience and the push notification is the main reason for me to keep using Wyze. If any add needs to be promoted I would invite it if it doesn’t interfere with any of my other existing buttons. No problem it is time to move on.

Swiping up on the banner makes it go away. Totally agreed that is annoying practice on Wyze. Shameless marketing.