Ugh! AD! Make it stop! 😬

Why does this ad keep appearing at the top of the app? I already subscribe to Cam Plus Unlimited!

Make it stop! Aaaaargh!

Are you on Beta or production?
iOS or Android?

Did you turn off your in-app notifications settings in the promotional category?

I’ve never even seen that before and I have everything turned on to get all promotions. :thinking:

I’m guessing iOS and maybe beta app (Test Flight)? Not that it should matter. You shouldn’t be seeing this, ESPECIALLY if you already have what it’s advertising.

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I’m on android (Beta app). All notifications turned off except push notifications for camera alerts.

This just started last night. Happened again today.

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OK, I asked because think it has something to do with the new app since Wyze mentioned the following:

So, it sounds like Cam Plus Unlimited “Attaching” has some conflicts with the new Beta app until they launch it publicly, which leads me to believe that this is planned to get resolved with the next update. Still, it will be good to make sure this feedback gets passed on to Wyze just to be sure. I’ll make sure it’s known. Thanks for posting it.

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Interesting…if it helps, my app is version 2.50.0.b415.

Thanks for checking back in! :+1:t3:

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Yeah, I still get that (Android w/ CamPlus Lite) I’m good at avoiding it, but the hair-trigger got me a couple of weeks ago.

I have In-app Notifications OFF (but temporarily toggled it on before the screenshot to reveal the otherwise invisible selections.)

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Turning off in app notifications does not stop these. It’s so irritating. I do not need any more than the basic notifications and the 12 sec video is sufficient for any activity here. I don’t need video security! It’s simply a convenience to know when packages are delivered since no one rings dbs anymore. Since moving I haven’t bothered to setup any cams beyond the db cam. There is nothing that will ever get me to subscribe and rubbing salt in the wound does not make me want to expand my wyze usage beyond the the couple of bulbs, plugs and db - I doubt I’ll ever use my v2 cams again since I’m no longer in the So FL cesspool.

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Turned all off but does not stop those ads! Not sure how wyze justifies them. I’m guessing by classifying them as “account relate” like how banks get away with continually emailing about credit card benefits even after opting out of promo/marketing emails.

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Hey Chemmie

It pops-up less for me since the time of the post I linked, usually when I’m searching Events extensively across multiple days, I think.

Hiding and restoring the app window (Circle once, then Square twice) clears the ad without tripping the hair-trigger.


At least on Android 10 with three-button navigation set to ON. :slight_smile:

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iOS - nothing gets rid of it. It’s fixed on every event page every day, right below the first event on the list like I really should get back to back videos so that 5 min cooldown disappears even when there is no 5 min cooldown and next event is many more min’s or hrs away. I happened to get chosen for a blink outdoor battery cam beta - cooldown is adjustable, recording time can be adjusted and also set to continue until motion ends and the same basic motion alerts work without subscription along with local storage. I’ll use the db cam as is and thankfully rarely need to use the app. So my irritation with wyze is limited as is my time as a customer unless they revert to be more like they were 5 yrs ago which is doubtful.

Irritating, is an understatement!

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Which is more irritating?

  • Pop-over

  • Embed

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Both are unacceptable! If we are already paying customers of Cam Plus Unlimited, we should never see these again!

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Should both be removed - I will never subscribe and I will never buy a Wyze cam that requires camplus - period… once my v2 cams and db cam crap out, I’m done with Wyze cams. Let them leave the ads on the account page, taking up the top 20-25% of that page is tolerable since it’s not a frequently accessed page. But honor those of us who have opted out of marketing crap and who have no interest in camplus.

Can you screenshot the one you are getting? I’ll try to kill it.


If you can get rid of it, got a feeling you will be in high demand for a while😉

Yeah, this bad boy is hard coded. I can’t slash that one, unfortunately. Are you on Cam Plus Lite?


Long miserable story with camlite… I sort of had it when I had two v2 cams setup. I was in the old legacy PD beta test which started at the end of orig db cam beta since that’s when camplus was coming out. I then went into the official legacy PD, then I got auto transitioned to camlite which screwed up somewhere in the system and never gave me any in-app options, went through a lot of communications, but I still got the video recordings and PD, just no ability to select or unselect the cams. I could never delete it and when I tried the actual web signup, I ended up with two camlites. I could delete the newer one but that made no difference. Apparently only a handful of accts got messed up during the auto transition from legacy so the only option was to delete my acct and start over. It wasn’t worth that much hassle so lived with it until we moved last fall. I then deleted all my cams and then my acct. I setup a new acct (same email and got a welcome back message so not sure if I were to add camlite that it will be normal or revert back to the screwed up version) but so far only need the db cam so haven’t yet setup the v2 cams. Not sure I’ll bother. At old house I had windows looking out at entry and back patio so could have them inside looking out. At new house, it’s a lot different and really not much need to watch the outside so it’s doubtful I’ll use the v2s. I have a couple of outdoor cams from another company beta test that I’ll probably use. So long story but no camlite at this point. I’ll never subscribe to any service from any company just to see some video of my back yard or front entry and I’ve found PD on the db cam to be of little value. Most of the time the image is blown out by the sun or just bright sky in the background since it faces south. One of these days I’ll search for my polarizing Mylar sheet and cut out a small piece to try over the lens. Anyway… my history with wyze has not been the most pleasant.

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This message has been happening on and off regularly in the app for me since Pre-November 2022. (I posted about it on forum at that time)
Regular app (never been on beta) notifications off. CamPlus since 2021.

Will also give me similar advert in the event listing, in between event’s, despite having recorded as it should with no cool down etc.

It appears randomly for no reason, often when first logging in, especially when away from home network., but happens on home network too.

Like it displays the message before completed the confirmation I have CamPlus.

Usually if close and reopen it disappears.