Cam+ Canceled Notification

Just received this notification on iOS

WTF is going no.

So if this was a mistake, by Wyze themselves. I can renew it with a discount.


I got the same notification

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Logged into my account and it still shows active until December 2024 (renewal date)

Just a wild guess, but are you using the Wyze beta app (ie: on Testflight)?

So I’m just guessing it could be related.


We will get the flag thrown for this one and see if we can get an answer. Sorry for any headache this might cause. Now I got to check mine as well…

Did this notification just pop up when you opened the app?

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Yes. Using the latest beta version.

I remember reading about not being able to add/remove cameras.


No, it was a regular notification.

Everything with my cam+ subscription looks ok still. Guess it just caught me off guard.


that’s still something we want to make certain people aware of, this could confuse people easily. you checks and made sure everything was working ok but many people wouldn’t take those steps. its just unneeded confusion.

giving the heads up here definitely helps as we can make it known.

Why Wyze is not sending an email to all beta testers and inform them about this bug? Or at least post it in the News category as a new thread. :astonished:

Should be e-mails.
We shouldn’t have to go digging through stuff to find announcements like that.

We do not post it in the News area because it only applies to beta users and it would scare many people not using beta. It was posted as a note with the release of the beta so users could choose if they wanted to use the beta or not knowing this would happen.