Notification for an Wyze advertisement

I rarely post here. I am getting tired of receiving a notification and not finding anything but an ad. I pay for Cam Plus. How do I turn off the notification for a Wyze Advertisement?
I get a notification, and an advertisement comes up. The only way we will stop this nonsense is to make some noise, and hopefully, they will listen and STOP the notifications for advertisements.

Please post your opinion of them posting advertisements on the app at all.

You should be able to turn those off in settings. There’s 2 places: one for in app notifications and one for push notifications.


Thank you. I do not want to turn off notifications, I want to turn off being notified for an advertisement. In fact, since I am paying for the service, I don’t want the advertisement in the app at all. I have seven cameras spread over two locations. I have several cameras with “no notifications” enabled.

Again thank you for the help.

Right. That’s what I’m showing you is how to turn off the notifications for ads and promotions. It won’t turn off the camera notifications.

There are setting specific to ads and promotion in the screenshots. It wont affect the notifications for cameras.

In the in-app notifications you turn off the slider for the ‘new products and deals’ and ‘news and updates’.

In the push notification settings all the way at the bottom of the camera list is the toggle to turn off push notification for news and updates.

I don’t get any push notifications for ads. I just get notifications for the cameras because I have the news and updates toggle off.


Thank you. I had no idea. We need a flow chart for the app. I can’t image why anyone would want to receive advertisements of any type.

Again, thank you.

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No problem! Glad I could help :relaxed: