Removing cam plus ads in live viewing. I don't mind emails for ads

I was hoping there could be a way to get rid of cam plus ads when I go to live viewing. My Mom is 95 and I need to see her right away. I cannot find away to stop the ads. Most of the time I am not even able to get back to viewing her. WE love Wyze and I am surprised they would make it difficult to remove an ad. We may do the cam plus later.

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@Rockwoodkaren Welcome to the community! Would you mind uploading a screenshot of the ads? I’m not experiencing any ads on my cams live view.

@Mavens do any of you guys experience ads?


Nope I’m not getting any adds


It only comes up on my Ipad not my android phone. I use Ipad at night> My husband is the owner of the account and he never gets the ads either. I will get screen shot later.

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Negative. Only thought would be these? But I think those are very infrequent.

@Rockwoodkaren , what are your setting in the Account, Notifications, in app notifications menu like above? Welcome to the forums!


Under In-app Notifications, I have both of those toggled on but still no ads pop up in live view. I use iPad, iPhone, and Android frequently and don’t experience any ads. Maybe with one exception when setting up a new cam I see the Cam Plus subscription ad but that’s all I’ve seen.

I actually keep it disabled, and enabled it for the photo.

I continue to get this when I click on the Person filter at the top of the events page . Android 11 . I do not have Cam Plus only the Pay what you want person detection .
This add is annoying and I have sent logs and feedback several times to Wyze with no response . I am a paying customer for the Person detection and I wish they would remove this extremely annoying add,
This all from a company that stated they will never have a subscription fee and person detection would be FREE …

Here are my settings


I just got an ad for purchasing a Wyze watch.
These should go away! I have paid and continue to pay via subscriptions.
Go away ads!

Yes I have same issue