Why not ad in more advertisements?

I think WYZE should have more of their idiotic nonstop advertising that scrolls right across the view of all the cameras. Everyone loves to see those annoying and useless ads! That must be why they keep adding them all over the app!

I don’t recall ever seeing ads scroll across the view of my cameras. Where are you seeing this? Do you have a screenshot or video recording example? Is this in the home tab, events tab, etc? I assume it’s about Cam Plus?

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These omnipresent ads sure will make restaurant owner happy :slight_smile:
They post somewhere video how restaurant owner moved away from expensive security service to Wyze.

But if you READ the Term of Service you will find that the camera’s and services are meant for residential applications and Not Commercial applications…

Yeah, I don’t get that. Someone here posted excerpts from the Terms.

How does Wyze address the contradiction when presented the question in an Ask-Me-Anything? :man_shrugging:

What is this about, specifically?

It’s a Cover Their A55" (Wyze) from liabilities arising from failure to capture video, send notifications, etc…

For an example a crime is committed at said restaurant and Wyze cam failed to work, capture video etc… then the business decides to try and litigate for damages.

Only a Clueless Business Owner would CHEAP out on protection of the employees and property with a Wyze cam and service :rofl::joy::rofl:

Well, they’re not dumb, they’ve got savvy investors (and plenty of lawyers, I’m sure.) Somehow, this position is considered… viable?

I’m flummoxed. Honestly.

And I wish them well. Honestly.

But this is something you know they know is hiding in plain sight. :face_with_monocle:

Just like Wyze knows how well the services works :rofl:

I didn’t remember ever seeing anybody ask about it in an AMA and certainly not with many votes to get it as a priority question people cared about.

For those wondering, they’re talking about these terms:

(They could be using “commercially” in a different way though…not that businesses can’t use them for themselves, but more like resale without permission…like some businesses have been doing in other countries without their permission as if they are Wyze or on behalf of Wyze without approval)

But the terms also technically forbid a lot of things that have never been enforced.

Still those are certainly not reassuring terms from a consumer standpoint. But I can’t think of a company that really promises the opposite either. Is there a company that has terms that explicitly guarantee the opposite? Guarantee to be available/functional 100% of the time? Not subject to sporadic interruptions and failures outside of their control, including router issues, ISP uptime, mobile operators, or guarantee responsibility “for damages incurred by the failure or delay of the Services or Products.”?

At least saying this is being pretty transparent.

I think one of the main differences between commercial and residential is scalability planning. Residential systems are designed for fewer cameras, primarily focusing on entry points at a single family home. 4 at a time viewing is sufficient for most people.

Commercial implementations need to cover large areas, various angles and distances. Generally speaking, they are also closed systems that function locally with lower compression, higher bit rate, etc. They also generally require paying for professional installation, in some cases having to do reconstruction through walls/ceiling including tearing out drywall to set it up, and paying expensive maintenance services or being stuck with “Golden handcuffs”.

It partially depends on the size and needs of the business though. If it’s a “small business” with an office or something, then professional installation and golden handcuffs is probably overkill. But if you’re Walmart with a high traffic, high risk/targeted business and need an extensive PoE setup, that’s another story.

I am sure that after you compare the Wyze terms against Ring, Blink, Nest, or other primarily residential targeting companies, I doubt the Wyze terms really have a negative financial impact for them (ie: scaring away any significant percentage of market share). From a legal consideration (IANAL), I don’t even think I’d recommend to them to change it either. Protecting themselves from frivolous tort to keep our prices low is also important to me (I don’t want them to raise prices so I have to subsidize someone suing them). I think in general they so a reasonable job of using their discretion not to enforce all the terms. They allow us to use third party integrations, they allow us to share our login with a spouse, they allow people to use them in a small business, they don’t cancel our account if we do so, but they have a lot of those terms in place in case someone abuses it so they have the leverage to stop and prevent loophole abuse.

But, since my froggy friend asked, I will mark a reminder for myself to bring up the topic in an AMA. #AMA2ASK And see what they say about the contradiction of the terms forbidding commercial use and then posting an ad encouraging it. :slight_smile:

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Thank you, sir. You are my favorite NAL.

I believe sod has a POV. :slight_smile:

Honestly, anything short of hiring an armed guard is not actually security anyway.

Cameras are just there for deterrence and evidence retention if needed later. They don’t actually stop someone from doing something or “protect” anyone or any business. Trust me, I’ve lived in countries where it’s NORMAL for anyone middle class or higher to have 24/7 armed security at their single family home surrounded by walls and barbed wire. Cameras don’t do jack for protection or security or stopping anyone from doing something. So in my opinion, “security camera” is mostly a fluff word anyway.

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Here’s a suggested title if OP @Pilatus prefers the off-topic comments be split into a separate thread:

“Security”, Terms of Service, Puffery and Disruptive Tech


Pretty ponderous. Ah hell, it’s a start. :slight_smile:

Read what? :slight_smile: