Popup Ads in App Really?

Give me an option to turn this off or get out of my life.

I’m so sick of wyze constantly trying to be the worst app on my phone.
I just want to look at my feeds to see who is at the door.
I don’t want to open my app then have to close your advertisements so I can then go to my feeds.
This kind of thing just feels gross and desperate.

Maybe the new finance guy is doing exactly what we all feared and telling you to monetize your app more. Maybe the CEO is pushing this because he’s trying to court venture capital bros. Whatever it is you need to knock it off. Watching you guys desperately push out 30 new products a year while neglecting your core business is already bad enough. I don’t need you forcing me to look at ads for your latest money sink.

Looking back at the discussion about removing person detection and paywalling it. I asked how long before we would be watching ads just so we can get to our feeds. I was told that wasn’t in the works… looks like it didn’t take long to get there after all. You can see that post here.


To be fair, eufy, Lifx and TP-Link all do this in their apps as well. So, it’s not uncommon. However, Wyze does a good job about only doing it when a new product comes out and not every other day there is a sale like some of the other apps I have mentioned.


Did you parents ever ask you the question “If all of your friends jumped off a bridge would you?”
because your logic here implies that you would answer “Well they all jumped so how bad can it be? beside they don’t jump every day just once in a while when there is a sale”
It is still unacceptable

Let alone the fact that in this forum they said they weren’t going to do this EXACT thing 5 months ago. Yet here they are breaking promises yet again. You are free to believe its “not a big deal” all you want, but this is the latest in a laundry list of let downs and or outright lies from wyze.


It sounds like your clearly not happy with your Wyze products. I highly doubt if they removed the not very frequent new product alerts you would be any happier, so perhaps you may want to try another product?

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It sounds like your clearly not happy with [my critiques of] Wyze products. I highly doubt if [I] removed [my] not very frequent [complaints about] product alerts you would be any happier, so perhaps you may want to try [replying to] another [thread]?


Totally Agree. Not acceptable. I was just trying to restore bulb that went offline. During my fifth “connecting to bulb”, stupid ad for watch essentially takes over screen for a minute. Close app and reopen, still there. Been getting rid of Wyze products as they don’t allow local control, and I don’t see any desire from them to do so. Moved to Kasa switches and bulbs and run all from HA with no problems. Original sensors have fatal design flaw and will eventually all die off when the battery gets too low (85%), that’s why they’re not available as they must have replaced so many of them.


So why not turn it off? It’s an option I. The app to turn off in app ads.

I had not heard anything about pop up ads. The first time that happens I am cancelling my subscription and putting my cameras for sale on eBay for the cost of postage because that is what they are worth to me at that point.


Me neither. Although I have been avoiding all App and Firmware updates for the past month, at least until I start seeing happier people in the forums. There have been a few pop-ups for the new products (scale, watch, headphones) but they only appear once and don’t repeat.

I haven’t experienced this as of yet but if I start getting ad pop-ups in the Wyze App I need to view my camera feeds, that’s a wrap!

I’m ok with getting an email from you guys (seems like every hour as of late) about your new this and that products. But if I start having to wait for ads to finish or even worse, you ask me to pay a premium to remove those ads within your “required” camera application. That will be the end of this product relationship.

There are just some aspects of business you shouldn’t subject your clientele to and ads that disrupt the use or functionality of your primary application is one of them.


After a reset of my phone and a reinstall of the wyze app, I am now getting a pop up ad about every hour. The ad is not for Wyze, it is an ad to install a game, or other app.

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Again today we got a totally useless notification to “buy our new vacuum cleaner”. Ugh. Why did I pay a small fortune for all these cameras and other hardware… just to get more and more ads and notifications??? Turning them “off” in settings… doesn’t stop them at all. Avoid Wyze products.

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Why not just turn off Notifications for all unwanted items…. It’s under Notifications on the WYZE app, then choose which ones you want or don’t want to see….Make sure you check each category of notifications and set them for what you want. Each item with a circled i has a selector you can toggle on or off.


Thank you very much!

I have all notifications turned off, besides my cameras, and continue to get pop up ads for cam plus every day.

I don’t want cam plus. I want to stop the popups.

A great way to annoy your customers. I can’t recommend your services to others when you keep playing games like this.


Yes. Make it stop, Wyze.

@jnylen777 , I actually have the promotional toggles disabled, but am still getting constant Cam Plus nags. I’m thinking that there’s probably a certain level of promotional ads that can’t be disabled.

Only imbeciles would advertise their products to their existing customers incessantly from within their own app. Do they really think those of us here on the forums don’t follow the latest products & developments? Even customers who aren’t regular forum participants are still likely to learn about new product offerings organically, within the update release notes, or via email, Amazon, etc., once they’re aboard. No way do the ramped-up ads increase revenue enough to overcome the off-putting of unnecessary annoyance. :man_shrugging:t2:

Great strategy for alienating your loyal customer base… :roll_eyes:


This was brilliant message jujitsu BTW… duplicate typos, suspect grammar, and all… :joy:

Do you have any cameras with Cam Plus? If not, that may be why you keep getting ads for it. I have 2 that have have Cam Plus, so I cannot answer why you keep getting ads for it, other than to make sure you’ve turned off all notifications under each category of notifications. Wish I could help you more, but maybe a call to support can help.

I don’t have the full cam plus, but I do have cam plus lite attached to all of my cams. As a good faith customer, I’m also paying slightly more than the suggested rate for it (as are my parents for theirs). I shudder to think about how much nagging would increase if I didn’t even have CP-L… :roll_eyes:

Support for me is likely not the answer, but remedial common sense therapy for them is… :wink:

EDIT-1 (09/12/22): The most common annoyware pop-ups I receive are after viewing event clips. Most of the time now the app encourages me to “upgrade to cam plus”.

Please note, WYZE, that these continual “encouragements” actually have the OPPOSITE effect in that they DISCOURAGE me from furthering our relationship. Makes you come across like a buncha gold diggers shakin’ down the peeps you’ve already got on board… :man_shrugging:t2: