Wyze app is too cluttered and now with pop ups?!

So I open my Wyze app for the first time in two days to check for events only to discover that somehow one of my cameras was inexplicably turned off. Two days ago. Strange! I am at a loss and just fed up. But as soon as I open the app, now I get pop ups about new products that I must now dismiss. And now suggestions on how to use Wyze widgets. This bull just clutters up the screen and wastes my time. And customer service is another waste of time because you must always wait until god knows how long to get a reply IF YOU GET A REPLY and then must go through the canned email response with generic “make sure everything is updated blah blah” as if we haven’t already done this already anyway… it’s just another big waste of time because you feel like talking to a wall or a machine that doesn’t even care.

So anyway… why keep cluttering the Wyze app with shopping and stuff? Can’t we do this online already? You’re overbloating something that 100% doesn’t need to be.

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If you don’t want/need the wyze news flashes you can turn it off like we did its in your app settings

I only get the option to show them once a week, month, or every three days. No OFF or NEVER selection.

Ok I think I turned off these pop ups.
If people want to get on my bad side just add pop up’s.
Because of these pop up’s I decided not to use use Wyze
Security system and bought another system instead.
I really hate popups.
Even this stupid panel to the right is in my way and couldn’t see what I was typing.