Pop up ad after installing Wyze app.

Since installing the Wyze app yesterday Ive been getting an annoying popup that looks like a hot air baloon. Is this a know issue, how do I get rid of it? Thanks.

Android or iPhone? Can you post a screenshot?

I wonder if he is talking about the “filling” green circle when the camera connects?


Android. There have been a couple other full screen popups also.

This one also…

I’m on iPhone so I’m afraid I can’t help. Although I would guess it’s a coincidence that this seemed to start when you installed the Wyze app as nobody else has reported it. Did you download the Wyze app from the official Google Play Store?

Hopefully an Android expert will chime in here with help on how to disable these.

Googling “Android pop up ads” does seem to provide some guidance.

If you do discover that the ads are in fact coming from the Wyze app, please let us know.

I have an Android phone and tablet with the Wyze app installed on both and have never seen these or any other pop-up ads.

Never ever have I ever seen anything like that on my Android devices

I agree it appears that your phone has malware. But very unlikely to be caused by Wyze app if you got it from google play.

What other “free” apps have you installed. Many of them are supported by ads. If you are using an old version of Android without the latest security patches, you can be infected by an MMS message to your phone. Google stagefright mms.

Thanks for the help everyone. It seems it was most likely a code scanner app that I had downloaded 3 or 4 days previous to the wyze app. Funny I didnt get any popups until shortly after the wyze but I uninstalled it, as well as an Amazon app Id had for a couple weeks and no popups since. You may want to delete the thread so no one gets alarmed. Thanks, great product and support!

Makes me wonder if these malware laden apps wait for a period of time, or perhaps until another app is installed before starting their bad behavior. This strategy would reduce the ability to recognize the true culprit.

Just installed beta version and nothing but pop ups.
Uninstall and pop ups gone.
Done this 3 times now.
How to remove the beta version and just use the non beta

Pop-ups? What kind of pop-ups are you referring to, ads? There are no ads in the Wyze app. Where did you download it from?

I have 7 Wyze Cameras and have been using for approximately 2 years. Recently, I have began receiving messages like:
“Share this one video with Wyze”
“Upgrade to Wyze Cam Plus”
Neither of which I care to do. I there a way to disable these messages?