Re: Spam on Andriod APP

I have bought into the wyze craze. I have 11 wyze devices now. Today I tried to turn one of my devices on and I got a flash screen wanting me to sign up for some service from wyze for XXX dollars a month. This was a flash screen on my android phone. I could not get the flash screen IE ad to go away by hitting the X. I had to reboot my phone as I could not use my app. Is there a fix for this or should expect to get spammed with sales pitches? What a joke.

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The Cam Plus in app popup messages can get ridiculously annoying. They have been worse in the past.

You do have settings that can quiet these to some extent, so long as you don’t click on a feature that requires a subscription you don’t have. It would be really nice if Wyze would mark those buttons with an asterisk or special symbol so users could recognize them by sight.

What are your In App Notification settings?

I have in app notifications turned off.

It may be an issue with one of the new app updates then. I got those in the past that had no exit path. I just closed the app and reopened it.

Google wouldn’t be happy about that and Apple too I think. All apps have to be able to exit fullscreen ads. I wouldn’t want a bug there with how strict they are with that. If the stores filters / people catch it then they would likely (or maybe likely?) get a strike for it. They have to be closable within a limited time.

That’s also one of the other points as the rules on the Play Store for instance more recently are much more strict and can’t randomly put up ads and a lot of other things.

Google has helped improve some things but there’s another side of the coin too.

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