Please stop popup advertisements in the app

I’m using the Wyze android app 2.46.0 (368). Recently the app has been giving me popups at least once a day. It’s a banner popup in my camera events (at the top of the page) offering me some variation on cam plus unlimited. How many times do I have to dismiss these popups. I’m already subscribed to cam plus yearly. That’s all I want. PLEASE STOP WITH THE POPUPS.

Do you have all your in app notification settings turned off?

In-app notifications are on but promotions are off.

There are many complaining right now about the Wyze Pre-Holiday Black Friday Full Court Blitzkrieg assault on app users who aren’t subscription maxed out. I am a Cam Plus Unlimited Annual subscriber, so I don’t see any of them and have all my in app settings on.

It is sad that they have to resort to relentless pestering, poking, prodding, and hammering users over the head rather than making the product so phenomenally irresistible that it will sell itself. Not a good look for Wyze, especially for customers who are already subscribed.

You might try turning it off completely and see if that helps, but so far as I can tell, those settings may just be eye candy and not actual control settings.