Pop up ads

how to turn off pop up ads they are very very annoying

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You can’t. (edit - its part of the app and they offer no setting to disable it.)

What you can do is shelve it and buy a cam from another company that doesn’t do that. Or perhaps stream it using another app that is ad free and just use the app when you need to make a change or deal with firmware.

Personally, I agree with what you’re reflecting on. I’m for instance no longer going to buy any further fire tv sticks, roku’s, etc as I don’t want ads shoved at me everywhere.

Very unfortunate situation love the cameras etc but the app is enough for me not to buy anymore products from them and if anyone asks I will let know that the ads in the app are very annoying they always block something on my iPhone and then I close the app and reopen it ads destroy the functionality of the app which appears to be very good maybe a fee for the app without ads is the way of not losing customers once you lose a customer you never get them back my thoughts on the issue

Help me know which ads are most bothersome and I’ll see if there is a way for us to limit or remove them.

Obviously we want users to know the limitations of not having a subscription and how a subscription can improve your experience, but I don’t want to annoy the crap out of you.

Matt Van Swol
Head of Subscription Growth

I continually get a pop-up at the bottom of my screen when viewing cloud recordings trying to get me to subscribe to CamPlus Unlimited. It won’t go away unless you click on the link and it blocks controls on the bottom of the screen. I subscribed to Unlimited a couple of years ago. Annoying.

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Noted. I’ll see what’s going on there and kill that one.

@WildBill you shouldn’t see that one again. Let me know if you do.

Also, if you do see the message again, just slide it down or up (like you would a notification) and that should get rid of it.