Stop asking me to subscribe!

I get it, you want people to know about your Cam Plus feature…and while at first the cute little pop up ads when I access my Wyze account were easy to simply ignor. Well, now it’s starting to get irritating! I bought into the Wyze family because one of the things I liked was that there are no subscription fees needed…I’m glad you offer it for those who do but I DO NOT!!! How do I stop these constant pop up ads to buy into the plan? PLEASE STOP ASKING ME!!! Pretty Please :pray: Thank you, Stay Healthy Stay Safe @WyzeGwendolyn please help

Apparently you use Apple products so you may be out of luck. If you have any Android devices the solution is to sideload an older version of the Wyze app from a trusted repository such as APKMirror.

Beta testers on iOS may be able to downgrade as well?

Except old app versions don’t support newer products that people might have. The adds are getting ridiculous. For example, I AM a Cam plus subscriber already, two subscriptions, but I keep getting emails saying they miss me and want me back. I get the emails because I have other cameras that came with free trials that expired, so for every camera in that situation, I get emails asking me to come back and sometimes offering a free month code.

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