Advertising popup shows at least 5 times per minutes

I initially bought one Wyse v2 cam year(s) ago, and was working perfectly. No advertising popup, free AI. Free for ever. That was the contract between me and Wyze. So I bought more, all having the same as advertised behavior.

The Wyze change the AI to software. Sent like a dozen emails (oh boy). Let me keep the same free service, and no advertising popups.

Now when I use the app, there is the same advertising popup that shows many times in a minute timeframe trying to upsell. I wonder how that useful for anyone to harass a customer and generating anger. Why the popop need to show more than one time x minute/hour/day/week/month/year?

I don’t see how Wyze can be proud of that they have done.

The only time Wyze notifies me about CamPlus is when I an on a trial license and it is about to end. Once the 14 day trial is over, the popups tend to stop.

I don’t experience the popups as referenced above. There could be something different between you and I, such as not opting into the Legacy AI for the v2 camera’s. I don’t use Legacy AI.

I have the cam+ on every cam I own & installed but I still keep notified to purchase a subscription. Then when I click it, just out of curiosity… it wants me to assign my subs… again, Already have done that, Just to make sure i haven’t lost something, I click it to peek, & all is in order. So I’m not sure what’s going on with this cam+ pop up? So it must not just be those w/out sub. Before yesterday, I only got a pop up when my trial ran ou but now it’s Alot!

If you wish, in the app notification settings you can disable the in app promotional pop up messages.