Advertisement when opening the app

Opened the Wyze app today and got some advertisement aimed at me about some smartwatch or something. I didn’t ask to get advertised at, I didn’t buy this camera to get sold other items. Please remove the dishonest, unwanted advertisements.

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One or two a week isn’t excessive, click the X and it’s gone if you don’t want to look at it. Dishonest you say? Pretty bold statement without providing a few facts regarding why.

I kind of agree.
The only time I open the app is to view a camera. It’s annoying to have to get rid of an ad just to view the only app designed to work with the camera.
If I opt out of email ads it probably means I don’t want to see them in the app either.
Also, I am in Canada. Wyze can shove as many ads as they like at me but until they get around to shipping outdide the US I can’t buy their products anyway.

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I don’t feel as strongly as you do but I prefer to see the ads in either the “Shop” or “Discover” tab of the Wyze app. That’s what they are for.

And if Wyze wants to really show an ad, make it a smaller chyron and direct the user to the “Shop” tab. Instead, it covers everything.