Cam Plus Add for Cam Plus Unlimited Subscriber

I have recently noticed adds for cam plus when submitting AI detection corrections.

I am a Cam Plus Unlimited subscriber. I should not be receiving adds for a lesser plan. I understand the need to advertise, but there needs to be checks in place for those who are already onboard.

When clicking on the add:


Well stated. I totally agree.

Let me just make sure @WyzeMatt sees your great feedback here since he’s head of Subscription Growth. :+1: Maybe he can relay some of this on to the Marketing and App teams to make some improvements.

Just out of curiosity, which App version are you on, and which camera model did you see this on?

I ask because I’m currently using the 2.50 Beta/RC app and I tried to confirm this issue and didn’t see this ad on my events, so maybe they already have a fix coming for it in the upcoming 2.50 app release. Best to make sure though! That’s why I’m asking.


No doubt. You should not be receiving ads. I’m sharing with the team now.


Thank you for getting this some traction!

I am currently on the 2.50 beta r/c for android 14

@WyzeMatt thank you for sharing it with the team!


Just an update for you, we know what the issue is and have a plan in motion to kill these ads. It’ll take a few weeks but they will be gone!

Thank you for sharing! We didn’t even know this existed haha


Matt over here getting good things done! :tada: