Community, how are you enjoying the new pop-up ads? I'm not

You know, it’s 2020 and I’ve been a net user since somewhere around 1992. Dial-up days. Bulletin Boards were still a thing. MRC was to come. Newsgroups were to come. Prodigy and all those other “disk in the mail” services. The one thing you can count on for tech companies to screw up is: Advertising.

The last thing I want to see in my security cam software is an ad pop-up when I click on a notification from my security software. WHY do I even need to say this?

As of this writing, I am removing the app icon from my phone and will be using TinyCam. If I can’t rely on the notifications to get me straight to my cam’s 12-second clip, then why bother at all? If I clicked on an email notification that first took me to a FULL-SCREEN AD, I would also be livid. I’ll just get the notifications and then use TinyCam to see if there is anything going on live - if I’ve missed whatever is in the 12-second clip, so be it.

If Wyze finds some way to get around my non-use of the app while it’s still installed, I’ll be completely done - app, devices, and all.

But now, please click here for something truly special!! Don’t have energy in the evening? Do you have Tired Blood?

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Not even a problem if you’re using its Wyze compatibility (and not RTSP) - the Wyze cloud clips are a click away in TinyCam!

Also, you could always downgrade your app to dodge some of the ads.

The effort should not be up to the paying customer to work around a “feature” that should not even be there.

You’re welcome? :wink:

Are they ? - could you give me some pointers, I’m not seeing them


Sure. Click on the image in live view and then the Play triangle. You should see events in the Wyze Cloud tab. It’s great.

Oh - Yes
Thats a bonus !

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