Privacy Policy Questions/Concerns

Just got an email regarding updated privacy policy. Does the phrase “ Information Generated by the Device ” include photos and/or video? Does the capability exist for ANYONE other than myself (and whoever I give permission to) to view any of my photos or videos?

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Hello @bronsta9, I found this by reading the article they link you to in the email. I’m going to go ahead and copy and paste the information for you and also link the article for you to go over yourself.
Your Wyze Product collects:

  • The Setup Information and Settings that are received from your App, and
  • The information that your Wyze Product generates as it operates (“ Information Generated by the Device ”).

The Information Generated by the Device varies by Wyze Product and by the Settings that you have set.

For example:

  • The Wyze Cam and Wyze Pan cameras can be set to record 12-second alert videos with or without audio (“ Event Videos ”), to display a live stream on your app, and to enable two-way audio between your App and the camera. If you have installed the optional micro SD card in your camera, you have the option of saving live streams and videos to the memory card on your camera.
  • A Wyze Sense sensor detects the occurrence of an activity, such as motion in a room or the open/close status of a window or door.

Your Wyze Product sends the Information Generated by the Device to your App, so that you can operate and monitor your Wyze Product. In the case of the Wyze cameras, the Wyze Product also sends Event Videos to Wyze Lab’s storage (“Wyze Cloud”) . We currently use Amazon Web Services to operate and maintain the Wyze Cloud.

Link to the article:

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Wyze: Thanks for sending an unparsable 2,000-word privacy policy update, with continued use of camera and services I’ve paid for contingent on agreeing to it. Mine is much easier to read: do not share any video of me, my family or my home. Period.

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