Updates to Wyze's Privacy Statements - 3/27/20


As Wyze continues to grow, we’re updating our Terms of Service and Privacy Statement to reflect changes we’ve made. Our goal is to be as open and transparent with our users as possible.

Our updated Terms of Service and Privacy Statement will go into effect March 31, 2020.

In order for you to easily understand what is changing from the current version of our Terms of Service and Privacy Statement, here are the highlights of what is changing:

Terms of Service

  • We have provided more specific terms for some of our newly launched products and services, such as Complete Motion Capture, Wyze Band, and Wyze Scale.
  • We have included Terms of Sale, so that customers can better understand how we handle orders on wyze.com and through the Wyze app.
  • We have made it clearer that users own the content that they share through our services.
  • We have made updates throughout to make the Terms of Service clearer and more streamlined.

Privacy Statement

  • Previously, we had two separate Privacy Statements: one for our company site at www.wyze.com and one for Wyze Lab’s smart home products. With this update, we have unified both into one general Privacy Statement.
  • We have made updates throughout to make the Privacy Statement clearer and more streamlined.

By continuing to use our services on or after March 31, 2020 you acknowledge and agree to our updated Terms of Service and Privacy Statement. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us by visiting https://support.wyzecam.com.

Thank you for using and supporting Wyze!


Your friends at Wyze


I will not be giving away my rights as you demand! I use my cameras for my own use and if you now take away my ability to use them as before I would like a refund on my money ! My cameras are of no use to me now! Please send me the information where I can return my cameras! John Wesson

[MOD EDIT: Email removed from the public post to protect the community member’s privacy.]

Hi John, what are the changes that got you concerned? To me they are pretty close to what they have always been?

By the way this is a user to user forum, if you truly wish to pursue a return you need to either open a support ticket or call Wyze


@ipilot66, I would recommend reaching out to our customer support team if you cannot use the devices the way you intended. Though, depending on how long you’ve been using them, I won’t promise that you’ll receive a refund.

You can get in contact with our support team through support.wyzecam.com.


Just try reading the new rules! It is several pages long! It wants everything but my citizenship!! It takes away any recourse —-even if there was a flaw that burns down my. House or kills my entire neighborhood! It leaves NO recourse except arbitration by an arbitrator of their choice! All for a $25.00 camera! And it just put my entire system in the junk pile! No options, it just turned off my cameras! No way to discuss the effects their action has on the owners of their product!! By doing that my system is junk with no option to even file a complaint!! But they can’t stop me from complaining on the several sites I belong to!! And I will do that with the option of sharing to anyone that will listen! I will even offer my system free to anyone that will come take it down! Their attorneys have taken over a great little company and made it useless to anyone that can get through their new. Rules!—-j

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You have just proved my point!! You. Won’t let me respond to a question! You have complete control over what I say!! How can you take away my right to complain? There is no way to file a complaint—you have seen to that! A legitimate complaint is shut down with no chance of a response by other customers! Hopefully it will not take long for others to see where this has gone!

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Whoa there. Again, this is a user to user forum. If you want to register a complaint you can, by calling Wyze or opening a support ticket. But this forum is not the place. No one is “preventing” you from having a conversation or complaining just pointing out this is not the best place.

As to the Wyze Privacy and Terms of Service agreements they are pretty standard. I assume you have either an Android or Apple phone? Their Privacy and Terms of Service cover the same issues and topics. Pretty much everyone does.


I won’t say what I originally wanted to in response to your vehement concern. I would only suggest you repost after you have discussed with customer service and let us know how Wyze responded.


What are you afraid of?? Say what you mean, as long as you use good English, don’t use foul language and don’t make it personal! My complaint was and is legitimate and I used proper English to state it. It is the only forum left to me since my system is shut down by this company . . . simply because I disagree with them! This company has found a way to stop my comments on any forum they have except this and I don’t expect it

to take long to shut me down on this one. This company leaves me no option, I have found no other way to express my displeasure! EXCEPT I can state my position on as many sites as I use and be as honest as I can possibly be! And my comments can and will be shared by many! Perhaps others will take the time to actually read and understand what is being taken from them!!~~~John Wesson.

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I am unsure about what ways they have stopped your comments elsewhere but I can say as long as the Community Guidelines are adhered to you can post here.

It may help the discussion if you show the area that changed drastically. I have read it but don’t see where it differs from many other companies privacy statements, but I may be missing something.


Quite simply when I try to open my cameras or any other site on WZYE, a pop-up covers the page and I can do NOTHING until I sign the new agreement! I can’t even complain to the owners of this company for taking away my use of my cameras!! This is what got me riled up! You have no choice but agree or everything is turned off! I use my cameras to watch my kitties play around my house! Iam retired and fear no break-in or theft! I am not on any web other than my own. No one has any reason to see anything my cameras produce! I even gave my daughter one of my cameras to take to her new home in Tenn because they work so good at what we use them for. Now, they are completely useless which means they are just junk and must be taken down. The cash I have spent is not going to break me, 6 cameras with mounts and covers, but now I will just have to get some baby cameras or something similar to do what little I use them for. Sorry this company out grew its usefulness to me!! John Wesson

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Jason22271 seems to express my feelings better than I can so I will let him handle your issues.

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How is that different than Google or Apple or Ring or whomever? When any of their terms of service change or you purchase a new product they require you to accept them or not use the product. And they all remove your access if you decline. This is standard.

Now onto your other statement. What other places have you tried to complain where Wyze has stopped you? I am honestly finding that hard to believe but I am willing to listen.

When someone originally started using the Wyze app prior to this update of terms, they were also required to accept the terms of service. Therefore, you’ve been subject to terms of service ever since you started using the products. You now have to agree to the updated terms to continue using, that’s true. However, I don’t believe the new terms have changed in any substantive way. Nothing is really chaning.

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First, because one does it and it is wrong does not make it right simply because more companies do the same! The companies are taking away a persons’ rights and we as a public just accept it! I am old enough to quite well remember another country that did the same because the citizens ignored the abuse!!!
Last, the personal response has been proving my point! I am NOT alone with the point Made, but most had never actually read the multi-page essay on just what we were giving up!! Enough so that my voice is not needed—I said my piece!! Lots of younger and stronger voices will continue this effort! I do appreciate your response!!—-JW

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You have to realize you’re dealing with some people here who are so far up Wyze as they can be that no matter what wyze does it’s not going to be considered wrong. So where you and I look at things with an open view and see things for what they really are and see that some things that Wyze does are really good and some things that they do are really bad they just see that everything that Wyze does as really good. Maybe they’re thinking that if they are super super positive they’ll get a pair of socks sent to them or something I don’t know.

Ha!! That is the most ‘polite’ way to respond I think I have ever read!! Quite obvious that we recognize the things that are happening that can be very detrimental to WYZE customers but some are as you say ‘so far up Wyze’ . . . nothing seems to matter! Give it to a lawyer and it will get expanded to the point that few will even bother! It just shows that WYZE management is changing! What used to be a small company trying to produce a product that was attractive in price, ease of operation, supportive of customers wishes where possible, etc. has now changed into a company with enough value that they can afford attorneys that just do what it takes to protect themselves at any cost. The easy way!! Give it to an attorney! Their customer base has changed! Thanks for the ‘interesting’ response!~~~John

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Why do I have to accept the terms of service every day?

You should not have to. I would suggest opening a support ticket with Wyze as that sounds like a permission issue.