TO THE ADMINISTRATION- I agreed to your Terms when I bought your camera

Guess what, when I purchased your camera with my money, it is no longer your camera.!!!
Also, It was purchased with the software that was on the camera with the rights to use when purchased, WHO IN THE {MOD EDIT} are you to tell me I can no longer use this camera if I don’t agree to your new terms if I chose so much not to do? {MOD EDIT}
Stay of my {MOD EDIT} and stop intruding on my rights!

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What’s this all about?


Wyze put out new terms of service effective April 1.
A line in the email reads
By continuing to use our services on or after March 31, 2020 you acknowledge and agree to our updated Terms of Service and Privacy Statement.

I agree that you can’t change the rules after you sell the product but don’t know how you could do it any other way.
The TOS doesn’t seem too contoversial.:slightly_smiling_face:


Google collects and listen.

same issue.

Wyze software is not designed for user in mind anyway.

if you lost your internet connection ( like provider fibre trunk got cut, you wyze app just hang with blue screen. in addition, wyze cam do not capture any motions render it as just dead weight.

Lucky, I only spend on one unit.


The TOS may not be too controversial THIS time, but Wyze has clearly demonstrated that they can make my equipment worthless at any time they so choose, without warning. There was no option to remain under the agreement that was in place when my purchases were made. It was simply, agree to our new terms or you’re out of luck.
I was planning to continue expanding my purchases and use of Wyze products, and may still do so, but this has caused me to reconsider for now.
For example, the next time, or the next, Wyze or whomever owns the software rights at the time could decide to start charging a monthly payment for the use of your hardware. Agree or your equipment is effectively a small brick. I hope not, but stranger things have happened.


That’s fine. For me, these aren’t serious security cameras (well, at least for me, I’d not rely on them for security purposes). I use them for entertainment and to check on the horses on the back 40 - three cams is all i need.

If they want to brick them, I’ll toss 'em and then build my own “check on my horses” cams (again) using Raspberry Pi’s : )


You agree to a TOS every time you install any software whether it’s the first time or an update.


I agree that accepting a new TOS, or forgo updates, is reasonable. However, not all software forces a new agreement by removing existing functions. I’ve turned down updates on computers and android phones without loosing the ability to use what I have.

Wyze makes affordable products, and I’d like to expand with a single platform (Wyze). Yet as new competition arrives, I’ll consider those brands. Diversifying products could reduce, not eliminate, the possibility of everything getting “bricked” at the same time.

I’m just sayin’, that I understand the concerns some have about the last TOS roll out. For me, it’s not the TOS per say, but rather the methodology. I haven’t tossed my Wyze stuff yet!


People !!! Wake up!!! Stop purchasing WYZE “solutions” and products.


They’re $20 products. What do you expect from them?


I expect what WYZE advertised and nothing less. Now I have 4 PanCams stuck on my ceiling fans.

I put up a Detection Zone and the firmware completely ignores it.

I would suggest you push for what you were advertised so the bait and switch does not become more common.

I’m out $320 due to a system that is not performing as advertised .

Now all NEST does is take those profits and instead of correcting major issues in their past products they use the funds and engineers cycles to work on new products.



What (Mod Edit) happen to my screen? You (Mod Edit) demand i accapt your terms and now the screen shrinks so (Mod Edit) small I an’t even see it…
Also, it’s not recording the full 12 seconds. thanks a lot for nothing.
I don’t know what some of you guys paid but I paid a lot more than $20 per camera

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Do you want some assintance with the problem? We would need to know what device you are using to view the csmeras and a little more detail than your screen has shrunk.

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guess it’s a Wyze Cam Pan, viewing on a Galaxy S7

I went to view this evening and when I tapped on one of the saved Events, the 12 second video starts to play, but the screens shrinks down from 2"X3" screen size to a 1"X2" screen, making nearly impossible to see anything.

As you can see in photo, the bottom and right side edge in now gone, because video shrinks


I am having the same issue with my Wyze Can 2. It began with the latest software update. When viewing an event with my phone in portrait mode, 20% of the bottom and right side of the screen does not display. It’s as if the screen was zoomed in. When I change to landscape, everything displays correctly, so the recording is good - just the software now has a new bug.

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I don’t see this issue. I’m running the WyzeBeta app, so maybe that’s the difference.

Are you both on Android, and did you update Android today, and then see this issue?

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This seems like an app issue to me, not a camera firmware issue. I’d first say restart your device, then try viewing the events. If it persists, try deleting and reinstalling the app to your device and then restart the device again for good measure. Please both @Soccerman and @Captcoolhand try the above and see if this helps you.

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I’ve tried everything, Restarted, unplugged, reloaded…etc to no avail. You can’t convince me that it’s an app problem. Nothing was wrong until this last update and Term crap was implemented.
Wyze cameras, I thought, had a lot of potential when they first came on board, But, every time these guys call themselves making improvements, the value of this camera goes down. Leave it alone, to much is not good. Spend the 20 million doing other things

i didn’t do anything, this is something that happened on its own.