TO THE ADMINISTRATION- I agreed to your Terms when I bought your camera


See if the solution posted here helps: Events playback are 1/4 size.

If not, have you filed a Support Request with Wyze? If you put in a support ticket and they don’t solve it, you can let me know the ticket number and I can see if I can get it escalated.


So, firmware update can change user setting? in screen resolution, sd card etc?
should be in firmware message to urge user checking their setup after update.

Lessin learned:
Never allow Automatic updates,
especially Google Play Store.

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Wyze is the best camera +service I have ever seen…
Your complaint that it doesn’t work if internet service is interrupted is like complaining that the car you purchased doesn’t work without gas or a freeway…


This thread now has me concerned. Not enough to bail on Wyze but enough to seek out further info. I did not update firmware or app a while ago when it was a do or don’t to keep person detection. My understanding at the time was don’t upgrade and you don’t lose person detection. Based on this thread I went and looked at my firmware and noticed I was on .98 the last version before the one causing this thread. I don’t remember updating to this version as I was actively avoiding it. Was this applied by Wyze not me?

Now I also see the issue where I can’t view my live stream without updating. Can’t say I like that at all.

What is happening here? Are we really not in control of our cameras and user experience?

Not picking a fight…trying to understand by having rational discussion.

BTW, I ordered a Wyze Scale to go along with my 3 cams, 2 plugs and Sense bridge.


Wyze never updates device firmware without user action.

Are you referring to the app here? To accepting the Terms & Conditions? Accepting that message does not update the app (or the firmware). It just acknowledges that you are aware of the change to the T&C.


The Display settings being referred to are phone settings not Wyze settings.
Wyze updates don’t change the setting. The app may not be compatible with your existing phone display setting.

You do realize that these cameras do not operate at all without the web side servers that these devices connect to. The server applications support all of the account management, event recording, and notification services, and that all of that infrastructure must be maintained so that the platform can be upgraded and improved over time. They cannot provide support for out of date software!

It’s unfortunate how the person identification feature issue came about, but Wyze had no choice in the matter. If y’all want to complain, please direct your ire to Apple Corp. It was the acquisition of this technology by apple that resulted in the immediate nullification of the prior usage agreements.

To the Wyze team: please accept my compliments on the camera products. I have been pleased with my products and the support I have received.


Thanks for confirmation on firmware updates. Strange because I know I avoided updating it but if that’s the case perhaps I did accidentally? Hmmm.
As far as the the Terms and Conditions, I think I was confused by the original post. I have since updated all cameras and other products and the app. I’m good to go.

Just so I’m clear. If the web is down or Wyze has back end / server difficulties, I won’t be able to live stream or view previous video from playback?

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Actually, we’re talking about that in another thread. As long as the camera doesn’t reboot you will be able to communicate with it as long as you are on the same network.

Actually you are not correct on this issue. The feature to review the event in portrait mode worked fine before the app update, and now it does not. I have not changed any screen settings on my phone. I have a Galaxy Note 9, so unless there is an incompatibility with Samsung, the issue is with the app. As I said worked before app update - not working after.
I am uploading 3 pics:

  1. view from events list
  2. view of the event while event is not playing
  3. view of the event while playing
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Pic 2

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Pic 3

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I’m the same way, I never update the camera for it’s worse off than before I did. If it’s not broke, why fix it. I know as well, It still tells me I have an update in Google Play, and I refuse to deal with it. Just a headache half the time to reset up.
My camera never had problems until now and it seem no one wants to address the issue either.

Also, EricDelong just told us that this is now an Apple product so having problems on Samsung Galaxy phones-Android… probably should be expected.

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I’m like you sir, I did nothing, no changes to settings, nothing. But suddenly I/we have problems and no one seems to take responsibility.

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Oops! I had meant that to say that Apple bought the “person detection” feature, and yanked it from current usage, forcing Wyze to remove the feature.

the 3rd pic looks zoomed … maybe at some point you inadvertently pinched to zoom or double-tapped and it’s “stuck” in zoom?

When you said the app changed your settings I thought you were talking about the display settings that Loki referenced.

Well actually software is not sold. Only a “license to use” is issued with the purchase. While I might now own the hardware, if I choose NOT to agree to the terms of service, I NO LONGER have the right to use the software. Don’t trust me, I invite everyone to look it up. And a company can and will change their terms of service related to software anytime they choose to. I do have the right to stop using the software anytime I choose to. I do own the hardware I purchased, unless otherwise specified in the purchase. If I “choose” to NOT agree to the new terms of service, I must STOP using the software. I must uninstall it and NO LONGER have the right to use it… That’s definitely my right! However, most of the time it renders the hardware not very useful… That said I will and have agreed to the terms of service and continue to use this great product from a wonderful company. Just my two cents… Because I can!


You are correct sir.:slightly_smiling_face:

what is “f” service stands for?