Rebooting 50 times a day

This problem started when the software automatically updated a few days ago. I’m on an android. This feature worked fine before the update.

Of course this one issue isn’t as bad as the fact the camera reboots itself 50+ times a day. (yes I have reset it multiple times)

Wow … reboot 50+ times a day??

My recommendation is to contact Wyze Support to replace the cam(s) or get a refund.

If you’re having that of a constant issue, something is very wrong.


@Soccerman, I have moved your post to its own topic for more visibility.

Here’s the link to contact support: Support Request.

Constant rebooting can sometimes be a power supply issue. Have you tried changing USB cables and/or the power adapter?

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@Soccerman - Try changing or removing your SD card if you are using one. I vaguely remember a reference to this being a problem elsewhere but can’t find the thread. Simple test to see if it helps the rebooting issue.
Wow-50 times a day! If this doesn’t help I think you should definitely Open a Support Ticket

I’m trying a new power adapter for a day to see if that helps. So far, no significant change. Tomorrow I’ll change out the OEM cable. Thanks for the suggestion.

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The SD card I’m using is a Samsung card I was using in my Nikkon camera, so I doubt it’s the card. I used the app to format the card when I put it in, to make sure the card would work. I’ll take it out tomorrow after I try some other suggestions.

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Highly recommend formatting the card in a PC, using a deep format to overwrite any bad tracks, before trying it in your cam. App format is a quick format which won’t detect flawed tracks. This Program is the recommended industry standard for formatting SD cards. Be sure, if you use it, to pick the deep format option.
Best of luck! Let us know.

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I formatted the card again, and that seems to have eliminated the rebooting issue. I just used the Wyze app to reformat to see if that would resolve it. (I would have done the low level format next, but didn’t need to.) So either the formatting did the trick, or removing all the content from the card - not sure which.

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So my camera is back to rebooting 50 times a day. It’s apparently not able to handle the SD card once the SD becomes full. When I formatted the card, which removed the indexes to content, the camera stopped rebooting, but now it’s back to rebooting all the time because the card is close to full again.

So I went ahead and used the suggested program to hard format the card, and it left the card totally unusable in my camera. Once formatted using the app and inserted card in the camera, the camera rebooted as many times as it detected motion. Then I used the camera to format the card…no changes. So I removed the card, used Win10 to hard format the card and inserted into the cam, and for now, no rebooting. We’ll see what happens when the card fills up again.

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I have used that program around 20 times and I’ve never had that happen! Very sorry!
I think I would get rid of that card - it has problems IMHO.
Still recommend using the HE cards - about the same price but different design made for continuous video write/rewrite.
Best of luck and thanks for keeping us updated!

Thanks for your help. The card is a Samsung Evo U1 card I used in a Nikkon camera for about 8 months and never had an issue. The V2 cam seems to be working OK now that I reformatted the card using the Win10 formatting option, so hopefully things are resolved. I won’t know for sure until the card fills up again, which is when the cam seems to have issues. It appears that the cam has issues in deleting the oldest videos in order to save the newest ones.

At the risk of sounding, no - being - redundant, I still recommend the HE cards. I used the older cards for months in several of my cams and had strange, hard to diagnose issues. Learned about this and replaced the worst offender cam’s card and problems just went away.
I’ll quit pestering you now :blush: - best of luck.
Down the road, let us know how it works out!

Don’t know what an “HE” card is, and Google search does not find “SDHE”. SDHC, yes, but not SDHE

High Endurance - they aren’t abbreviated as HE

My fault. I get tired of the Apple keyboard so I cheat! Here’s more info:

High Endurance Cards

Info on High Endurance Cards

I think @Soccerman may be on to something… re: “not able to handle the SD card once the SD becomes full”. I’ve had no problems with my 16 v2 cams until the last update. A few days ago all of my cams either couldn’t connect or rebooted. I assumed it was on Wyze’s end so I just went without stable cam networks for a day. Since no one was complaining about the same problem, I then assumed the problem was on my end and started trying all the usual stuff, rebooting networks, changing NS, swapping cams out for new ones (lots of spares here), reflashing a few… all to no avail. At the end of my rope, I decided to reformat all the cards since all were full with nothing important. I did some reformatting via the Wyze app, some high-level and some low-level formats via PC. Stuck the cards back in and all has been well since with every cam. Unfortunately, that was 2 days ago and all of my cards are either 64GB or 128GB HE cards so even with continuous record, it will be a few days before they’re full. Odd coincidence that all cams had problems, all had full cards and all problems disappeared when I reformatted? I don’t know. Will see what happens and will report back with my findings regardless of the outcome. :+1:

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My V2 cam is back to constantly rebooting. I give up. This thing is a piece of crap. So everyone is gonna say it’s my SD card, but I never had a single problem with this cam until after they updated the firmware and the app. So yeah, the cam/app is just crap.

Just wondering so I don’t waste time testing over here… what size cards are you using?

I’m using a 32 gb Samsung EVO card. I used this same card in my Nikkon camera. Using that camera I was saving large hi resolution pictures and even large hi res videos. Never had ANY issues. I’m told in this forum I need to use an HE card, but the cam is setup to save events not continous, so it sounds very fishy that the cam can’t save 20-30 second videos without constantly rebooting when my Nikkon never had any issue saving huge files in comparison. The issue is the hardware/firmware. I’ve removed the card. It’s not worth the trouble.