Updates to Wyze's Privacy Statements - 1/1/20


We are writing to let you know that we have updated our Privacy Statement for the Company Site as well as our Privacy Statement for Wyze Labs Products

These updates will take effect on January 1, 2020. They are intended to provide more details about how we collect, use, and share information, and to comply with the new California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”).

Please take a moment to carefully review these updated privacy statements. By continuing to use our websites, apps, products, and services, you agree that these new privacy statements apply to you.

If you have any questions or concerns about these changes, please contact us at support.wyze.com.

The team at Wyze


Interesting Wyze updates privacy days after acknowledging a massive breach.

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Yeah, this was scheduled well in advance due to California’s law change but we also noticed that awkward timing.


Thanks for the updated information. Seems like the standard protocol to me doesn’t seem like anything radical or vastly different than any other company. So I’m still sticking with you and believe you’re doing the best you can to protect my privacy thank you!


You’re welcome!

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Won’t purchase anymore products or recommend it to others in the near future.

As a California resident, I can confirm that the updates to the privacy policy have nothing to do with the breech. A new law was passed in California that took effect today.


Thank you! Generally most companies will update privacy policies and such at the start of a new year or annually. makes sense to me… breach or not, I’m not worried, most big companies and organizations have been compromised at one time or another. Treat it as a learning experience and move on. Change your passwords from time to time and be mindful of things that don’t seem right, general personal security hygiene in my eyes anyway. Those that say that they are taking their cameras down, leaving Wyze, not recommending them to others have their reasons and that’s fine however I’m a firm supporter of this fine company and their core beliefs. Things happen, fact of life… learn and move forward. I’m excited for new things to come from this amazing company and will not be letting this little hiccup change my opinion. I sincerely hope that you all had the happiest of holidays and best of wishes for the new year!


Is there a place where you outline the specific changes made with this policy update?


In summary, the difference relates to new CCPA laws. The archived versions are available here. You could run the two through a difference checker if you’d like to highlight the changes.


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A summary of the differences should have been supplied.


Of course a summary of the changes should be provided. But that would mean the company would have to expose their changes instead of making consumers “run the two documents through a difference checker”. What a horrible response from a company that just got hacked and breached. Such disregard for your customers. Chalking it up to a coincidence does NOTHING TO INSTILL CONFIDENCE OR SHOW YOUR CUSTOMERS YOU WANT THEM TO BE EDUCATED CONSUMERS OF YOUR PRODUCTS.


I don’t work for Wyze. I was just offering a suggestion. Gwendolyn’s original post did include a short summary. If you run it through a difference checker, (I did so, out of curiosity) you’ll see that the substantial changes relate to CCPA, as they summarized.

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…Or, you can just provide the changes to your customers so they know exactly what is changing.

The terms (old and new) describe:
Lawful Information Requests . In response to a request for information if we believe disclosure is in accordance with, or required by, any applicable law or legal process, including lawful requests by public authorities to meet national security or law enforcement requirements."

Please be more specific about what Wyze considers a “Lawful Request”. Is that the sheriff being polite? “Would you all please tell me if you have any information or images or what not from or about this address, where I found one of your contact sensors on the back window?” Or does it mean the courts have issued a search warrent? “Your firm is ordered to disclose, via hard copy documentation, all information associated the user account at the listed address.”

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As I said, I don’t work for Wyze. I’m just a user. I was just trying to help you find the differences. The old and new versions of both are still accessible, as I linked above. The substantial differences are in the “California Privacy Rights” sections.


This is a great question. No data should be turned over with just a “request”. A warrant should be required and the user notified of such disclosure.


Agree unless say a mass shooting or something catastrophic

A lawful request must include a subpoena or a warrant. Law enforcement reaching out to us without that documentation will not result in us sharing information.