Wyze Cameras Using Amazon Servers and Privacy Concerns

(If this subject has been discussed in a different thread, I apologise for the multiple post. I couldn’t find anything on this subject in these forums)

Hello everyone. I just got my Wyze Cam earlier this month and I’m extremely happy with it. However, recently I learned that Wyze cameras use Amazon Web Services for storage and, due to all the privacy and legal issues with Ring (as we all know owned by Amazon), it makes me wonder if Wyze cameras are bound under the same stipulations as Ring cameras are in regard to selling and sharing information to third parties such as Facebook and law enforcement agencies; along with infamous privacy concerns such as Amazon workers viewing and even sharing supposedly “private” recodings stored in the servers.

Please let me know if anyone has found any articles or post in the matter. Thanks!

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Wyze uses Amazon, yes, but I understand ThroughTek is the storage host, not Amazon.

Welcome to the community, @gemi52273. Here are Wyze’s privacy statements and TOS. :slight_smile:


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Everyone in North America and China has been catalogued.
It is a bit late.

@cf7 I totally understand that. The moment one gets a SSN we are “catalogued”, as you put it. I also understand that hackers get into our systems and spy on us using our own devices such as our computers, cell phones, and webcams. However, I have a problem when a company like Amazon/Ring uses footage from security cameras, (footage that’s supposed to remain private and confidential unless the owner of the camera needs to retrieve it), and not only sells and shares it with third parties for profit OR even worse, their own employees view it for their own entertainment and share it with others.

That’s what my concern is.

My wife and I take pride in the fact that according to the latest Chinese Neilsen TV ratings, the live views from our Wyze cams are #3 in the Chinese Prime Time TV viewing ratings.

Our nightly broadcast is two people, sitting around, doing nothing, watching tv, occasionally arguing over the tv volume and eating late night snacks.

For the life of me, I can’t figure out why so many folks tune in to our live broadcasts. To each, their own.