Security question. Is there ANY way at all that Wyze employees can view customer's videos or streams?

I just read an article about Amazon firing some employees for viewing customer’s videos without authorization. The article mentions that some staff are authorized and able to view customer’s private streams, but these employees apparently looked at videos or streams beyond what Amazon felt they needed to do their jobs. The fact that they are able to view them at all, and authorized to view even some of them, is troubling.

Does the Wyze system have any way that its employees can view the clips, streams, etc…whether authorized by the company or not?

On the flip side of the coin, I do see situations where Wyze employees accessing a customer’s video might be necessary in a case where a crime has been committed against the camera owner and they are no longer around to give the police or anyone else access to the videos that may lead to the arrest of the criminal. But this would require Wyze to have a way for its employees to access and view the videos, which could potentially be abused.

Here’s a link to the article - Amazon's Ring fired four members of staff for snooping on customers | Fox Business

All databases need some maintenance work. The people who do that of course, can see everything. As to whether they are Wyze employees, maybe, maybe not.

But also, seeing the contents doesn’t mean they see the raw data. It could be encrypted. We don’t know that, either.

That’s what I’m curious to know.

I get that but that’s just marketing-speak. Amazon/Ring would say the same. But despite saying that, they still have employees viewing customer’s private videos and likely
peeping into their houses.

If a way to do something exists, it will undoubtedly be abused. I’m just curious about what level of access Wyze employees have to customers’ streams and videos.

I’m just curious about what level of access Wyze employees have to customers’ streams and videos.

I’m not aware that Wyze employees have access to users’ streams and videos.

I’m sure @WyzeGwendolyn could give you a much better answer for this. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have to say, I am curious as well. I have several cameras around the house for when we are not home. Security and to watch to crazy cats. But when we are home, do I need to turn the cameras to the wall? Anything we do in our home is private. If anyone can just pull it up, including tech support or designers or who ever. They may find my cameras in the yard or even file 13. Talk to us guys. No bs.

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just a thought, but if support could just pull up a camera, even with permission there wouldnt be as many calls to support as they could see and understand what is happening with much clearer vision. I can almost assure you support at least cannot see the cameras.

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With Wyze Cam, users can view camera videos using two methods: live streaming and recorded videos.

Streaming is encrypted during transfer from the Wyze device to the customer’s phone or tablet. Camera videos are transferred under a secure channel from the device to the Wyze Cloud (ingestion) and from the Wyze Cloud to the phone (digestion).

Wyze employees do not have the ability to view a user’s Wyze Cam live feed. This is because we use a P2P live streaming solution that establishes a direct connection between the phone and the camera. While this is a technical solution to privacy, we also have a policy at Wyze prohibiting employees from viewing live streams (although not technically feasible).

Event videos, which are videos recorded when motion or sound is detected, are securely uploaded to the Wyze AWS server. From here, the video can only be accessed by authorized Wyze executive-level managers in extremely rare or severe cases, such as if Wyze were to be presented with a court subpoena. No other Wyze employees have access to these videos.

This is why the support team needs to ask for video or photo examples of visual or audio issues when troubleshooting.

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