Security and Streaming Architecture

Can you describe the level of security the cameras have? Does the video/audio stream always go through your servers, or directly from camera to the app? Does it depend whether they are on the same network? Are the streams and/or stored alert videos encrypted, so that they are only viewable by the app?

Can people at Wyze look at our cameras? Not that they would, but these cameras are in our homes, so security is a prime concern.

Thank you.


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I came here with the same questions and I am amazed that there is no official reply! Not even a link to a public security statement, which I also expect to exist. I can’t in good conscience invest in cameras from a company who can’t provide this… in almost 1 year (op made their request in Jan if I’m reading right).

Wyze? Can you reply, please?

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Thank you. I just found that.

FYI: the links on this page are broken:

The question I asked in the original message has not been answered. Can people at Wyze look at and listen to either our stored cloud videos or our live cameras? If so, what safeguards are in place to prevent the casual snooping of our videos? Would they have to only be acting on our request to deal with a support situation, and require a high level authorization to retrieve the keys, or can anyone on the support line sign in as us and view our videos?

Yes, agreed. This is an important question that needs an answer.