Got a few questions about security

I’ve been using my Pan for a couple of months now and it has been nothing but perfect. It was so good that I ordered two more Wyze Cam v2 which are on the way.

But beyond the “wow” and the novelty, privacy is a serious thing and I need to ask some security questions:

  1. I presume that Wyze Cams use the “P2P” protocol to stream audio/video to a cloud server somewhere. How secure is it? Another way to put it, is Wyze fully managing this cloud service and not outsourced to a 3rd party? (AWS or Azure, not included)
  2. Is there a way to have the Wyze app authenticate the mobile device I am using so only this device (or devices already authenticated) can view the streams? I see this in many mobile banking apps.
  3. Is there a list of URLs and/or IP addresses I can configure on my firewall to whitelist the sites my Wyze cameras can access? Does it help?


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Thank you for taking the time to respond. I’ll go over the links provided.

A Happy New Year to all.

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