Burglary scenario question

Good day everyone. I have recently purchased two of the pan and 3 of the V2 cameras. I have installed 64gb micro sd cards in all of them. Here is my question. If I am reviewing video from the camera itself, what is to prevent someone from breaking in and just taking the entire camera with them? Does any of the video recorded upload to a network so that I can capture it elsewhere? It is my opinion that Wyze is missing a huge opportunity by not capturing some of the cloud market. I would much prefer to pay a little more and be able to review my video from a secure offsite location. Thoughts?

I’m working on that right now :slight_smile: I’ve added a 64gb mem stick to my router and want to have recordings go to that hopefully using IFTTT. People here have also camouflaged their cameras using multiple techniques. I believe someone went as far as making a vinyl stencil to wrap around them (i think ill be doing that)

Wyze does provide free cloud storage (with limitations). Please see the Support link above for detailed info.

The ability to store longer videos on a local server is a much requested feature. Hopefully that will be coming along at some point as Wyze continues to improve their code.

Unfortunately, IFTTT will not be able to accomplish that though as it’s subject to the existing cloud clip limitations.

I did search on the support page but only found this info: https://www.wyzecam.com/can-videos-be-viewed-website-nonmobile-device-pan/ which basically states that the video can only be viewed through the Wyze app. So with that in mind, if someone disabled the camera, will any video have been saved to the app for review up to that point? As an aside, I thought I had read in the forums that there were some people who were able to save their recordings directly to their PC.

The cloud alert clips are available even if the camera is disabled, but there needs to have been time for them to upload. Further, if the thief were to setup the camera to a different Wyze account, then the cloud clips are lost. Wyze is working on changing the latter.

Recordings on the mSD card can be saved to the phone and then transferred to a PC. Or the card removed and the video files transferred directly to the PC. But as far as I know, there’s no way to transfer recordings directly from the camera to a PC.

You mentioned that recordings on the mSD card can be saved to the phone. Can this be done automatically in real time or is this something that I need to do manually once the recording is obtained? Can you provide any info on how these recordings can be transferred to my iphone? Thank you.

To get the recording to the phone from the app, you tap the Record button while viewing the playback. This saves a video file to your phone’s camera roll in the Wyze album. This is done in real time, but you must be running the playback. It won’t do it automatically.

You can also record the live stream in real time. So if you leave the app running with the recording going, you will be capturing the video to your phone. This can only be done one camera at a time.

Wyze will soon be implementing Fast Forward during playback. I don’t know if you will be able to record during FF. They are also o considering implementing the ability transfer video files off the mSD card without having to be viewing the playback.