Cloud recording solution for my Wyze cam?

Just moved into an apartment and i am setting up my Wyze cam to view the main entryway/kitchen/living room in case of intruders or maybe staff/personnel accessing the apartment without my express permission as well as to record cleaners/anyone accessing the apartment in case they try to pilfer anything. Also in case of intruders of course.

Realistically, though, if i use the Wyze app to record the camera to an SD card…the intruder/nefarious doer could just steal the camera/SD card. Poof, there goes any evidence. So it doesn’t really make sense to record it locally. Even to a local PC HDD doesn’t make sense, they could just steal that.

Is there some sort of cloud recording solution i can implement with a responsible company that doesn’t use the video data?

Good news: Wyze provides cloud recording for free

Bad news: the clips are only 12 seconds long

Here are some wishlist items you may be interested in VOTING for:

Some more immediate solutions…

Install the TinyCam server and subscribe to their cloud storage plan.

Install the TinyCam server and save the data to an FTP server (I could not get this to work for me).

Buy a micro SD card extender cable and keep the SD card in a secure location so it can’t be stolen with the camera.

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