Is there a way to allow my daughter to see the camera, but not access removing events?

I believe my daughter is deleting some events from the camera so that we can’t see them later. I can change the password but then she won’t be able to see anything, is that right? Or can I give her a unique login and not have the ability to delete? Thanks in advance.

You can give her a separate Wyze account but I think that once you share the cameras to her account she will still be able to delete events. The only good way to prevent that is installing RTSP firmware and only providing the RTSP login credentials. I guess she’d have to use something other than the Wyze app to view the live stream. And she would then have no access at all to even view your recorded event videos.

Maybe someone else has a better suggestion.

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Confirmed, a person that is able to see a camera via a share CAN delete events.
Something in my opinion, that they should not be able to do.

  1. Change the password.
  2. Get her TinyCam Pro (commercial, but cheap)
  3. Configure TinyCam Pro yourself. Don’t give her the password.
    She will have a VIEW-only access.
    So she can view the cameras anytime, but do nothing on events.

Then raise a feature request: Wyze app should let the main account control what the secondary accounts (the ones you share with) can do. More like Access Control Lists. Fine-grained i.e. can do this and cannot do that. That is easy for the Dev team to implement.

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install a second cam

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presume nothing is easy for the dev team to implement even if they decided to take up this request