How I can provide restrictions from WYZE CAM App parent account to child account

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Can anyone let me know to I can restrict my child account from my parent account on WYZE CAM App.
If anyone can help me it is very grateful to me.

Assuming the account you are calling the parent is the owner’s account, then if your goal is to limit control of the cameras from a sub account, the way Wyze does that is the owner ‘shares’ the camera with a second, separate account.

Then the second account gets access to 1 or more cameras you select, with limited control over them.

Beware, if you have an inside camera the audio from that camera is also shared. In that case you may want to disable the microphone.

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Hey @Newshound thank you for your quick revert.

Let me explain my scenario:
Actually I have 20+ Wyze camera’s and I want to create one parent account in Wyze app and under parent account I want to create sub account or you can say that I want to create child account and give very limited access to child account i.e. want to limit the child account only for camera setup(for wifi settings) and only if parent account will provide the access to child account then only the child will able to access / see live feed from camera’s which are assigned under its account.

Yes, and as he or she explained, there is no such construct for Wyze accounts. There is, however, the ability to share selective cameras to another regular Wyze account. So they’re telling you to just set up new Wyze accounts for your children and then share cameras with those accounts at your discretion.

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Oh, also, “revert” does not mean “reply”. It means “change back to the way something was in the past”.

There really is no way to restrict or control the options each user has on a camera.
Users have been asking for better control of shared cameras for two yesrs and nothing has changed.

Thank you @all for quick response.

I want to ask on more thing that if the wyze camera is added under one user and if some one also try to add the same camera under different user than the camera is added directly to second user without requesting permission
to first user.

Is there is any way to change the camera setting like if the camera is added/assigned under one user then it will not add to second user until and unless the first user will give the permission to camera??

Reply. Not “revert”.

What does it mean?

He is correcting the word you used.
Revert means to go back. Reply is a response.

No, there is no way to do that. If a person can physically push the reset button on the camera they can add it to another Wyze account.

Yes, I already explained in my earlier post above.