Shared camera cannot see event recordings

My wife is the shared user on our account. Newly installed cameras. Why is she on apple not allowed to see event recording videos?

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Depends on what you mean by event recording videos.

If you mean the 12-second alert clips that are saved to the cloud – she can – provided you don’t delete them first. Her deleting them will have no effect on you, however.

If you mean access the SD card, including events only recording, she can’t. Shared users don’t get that privilege ATM.

Now, there are two things you can do. Since she is a trusted individual living in your household, you could share your user ID & password. That would give her all the same privileges as you. You still won’t be able to look at the SD card at the same time, but no one can view the SD card from 2 different devices at the same time.

The second thing you can do is apply your vote here to get adjustable permissions for shared users:


It has something to do with her apple iphone 8plus.i shared my log in. But the event videos do not show up from the app. The will play when she clicks on from the notification status.

Event recording is the notifications on the wyze app when opened.

They play when she clicks them because you need to click on them to download video clip to the device before viewing. If you click it on your own device to view, it does NOT also download it to her device too.

I keep re-reading your short descriptions, but I don’t follow what you are asking.

Your wife should see the 12-second cloud event videos once she opens the app and presses the “Events” tab at the bottom of the page. This will take her to the events page. It will say “Events” at the top of the screen. She can additionally select the date at the top of the page to see event videos from different days.

If you are already on that page when the alert comes in, then she can either pull down on the list to refresh it and see the new video, or simply select another day and come back to the current day. Then the new video will appear at the top of the list.

If you click on the notification itself, then the app will open and you will be taken to the specific clip. Touch the left arrow at the upper left and you will return to the events page described above.

She on Apple IS allowed to see event recording videos. I am not aware of a bug that prevents it on the iPhone 8 plus.

If the description above doesn’t help, then try taking a screen shot of what you are asking about, upload it, and explain in better detail.

across the top of events will say what you can view in recordings i.e. person sound vehicle…scroll to the right if it does not show cameras click thatand check the cam boxes to be sure they or one are or is checked. then events will appear if there are any

Since filtering can produce unforeseen effects, I’d recommend only filtering when you are specifically trying to eliminate videos. If you want to see all videos, be sure to do a ‘Clear All’.