Camv3 not sending notices, not recording an event

My cam v3 all have Cam Plus, They are not sending notices, for example it will send a notice for a wasp but not a vehicle or a person. At night it will pick up lights from a distance and send a notice but when the vehicle get to the driveway it stops recording. It does not pick up deliveries left at my front door or by my garage door both have cameras. it is pretty frustrating especially when I have the front door showing my mail box and a car passing by in the street but not when my mail is delivered or when mail is taken from my mail box. I really think that wyze do not give enough simplified instructions on how to program or set up the cameras even with Cam plus, I will not get the cam plus pro. I truly hope some one can help me out with this.
Thank you in advance for help and support.

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Welcome to the community @gerryvaldez59

Could you provide the following information?

  1. What is the Firmware version of the Cam V3 having issues
  2. Are you experiencing this on both iOS and Android? Can you provide the App Version of each?
  3. Do you have detection Zones set on the camera?

Here is a link I provided which have helped with some notification issues. These steps may help:

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Welcome to the user forum @gerryvaldez59!

There was a very steep learning curve when I first started with my cams too. Stick w\ @spamoni4 & reply to him in the post above, he is one of the best in the forums and won’t steer you wrong. Helped me on MANY occasions.

It was months before I learned of the Wyze Help Web Page Knowledge Articles that answer many questions about the cams, settings, and services.

Here are the links for:


Wyze App:



Appreciate the compliment. Feeling is mutual. Your links should help out as well.


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So you are getting events/notifications, but they aren’t being tagged as recognized objects (person/vehicle)? In addition to @spamoni4 questions, including pictures of your cameras view, detection zone, settings etc will help the crew here give you focused help. :slight_smile: thanks in advance!