Notifications on Outdoor Cam

Not getting notifications on the Outdoor Cam. I have it on a live trap trying to catch a groundhog before he eats the entire garden. Caught a squirrel who was trapped over an hour and then a baby fox. I only found out because I checked the live feed before going to bed. The app is recording when there is motion but is not sending notifications.

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Android or iPhone?

Android 10

-Uninstall and reinstall the app.
-Check to make sure your notifications are not off globally (bell icon in the top right of the app home screen)
-connect the the camera and make sure all the notification settings on toggled on
-go into android settings, find the app list, find the wyze app
-check to make sure your app settings are something like this:

Got all of that

See attached photos

It takes around 50 secs to a minute to receive a notification on this new outdoor cam.

Anyone else seeing this?

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Apparently it’s a problem, hopefully Wyze corrects it.


One customer wrote about not getting notifications from his WCO and after a frustrating troubleshooting session found that on a different camera, a V2, the notifications had been turned off. By chance he tried turning that camera’s notifications back on and then found that his WCO started sending notifications … Weird I know but that’s what he wrote


Did you check the “wyze message” settings in your last picture?

Definitely going to be a lot of unhappy campers if it’s not fixed in the near future.

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I learned to not say “that’s impossible” when it comes to technology. I still say it mind you, but I am proven wrong with depressing frequency.

Bruce… Goodness lad we all know your wrong… It happens everytime your not right.

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Check Android >> Settings >> Wyze >> Notifications to make sure related services are On.

Or see my post at


Everything is turned on, I get notifications from all my sensors and cameras (6) except for the Outdoor Cam.

Following. I am having the same problem. All cams working inside and out except new outdoor cam.

New to the forums so forgive if this has been asked, Can notification’s from one camera be sent to two different phones at the same time? Thank you.

What’s going on? This morning notifications from my WCO cams are taking 10 minutes to show up. This is crazy! I have a family member that has a v2 mounted outdoors. She has shared her cam with me and I get notifications from it within seconds of an event.

Base Firmware is current:
Both of my WCO’s firmware is also current:

Anyone else having issues with their WCO notifications taking a crazy long time?