Wyze Cam Outdoor V2 does not send notification

Hi, we have the Wyze App v2.38.0 (153) on my Android 13 device (Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra). We are an HMS user and have many Wyze Cam v3, one Wyze Cam Pan V2, one Wyze Cam V3 Pro and one Wyze Cam Outdoor v2,

The problem is with my Wyze Cam Outdoor, I see events in the Wyze App, but I never receive notification on my cell phone! My WCO use the firmware

All notifications are on for the Android App Wyze Cam, all notifications are ON in the Wyze App in account section or in the settings of the WCO. I have try to disable and re-enable notification, but same problem, no notification for my WCO!

The notification for my WCO are the more important cam to have notification. Any idea ?


So your getting events in the events tab at the bottom of the app, but no notifications from ONLY this one cam? Your other cams are sending notifications?

Try toggling off and back on all the notification toggles, go back to the live view, then go into account > app settings, and clear the app cache. You can now sign out and back in to your Wyze account, and check if the toggles are still on.

This is a lengthy process, but it ensures all the settings and synced with the Wyze servers and the cam.

Let me know how it goes!

Hi, i have try the step provided to toggle On / Off / On the notification. I have clear the cache for the app. Sign out and login again and re-enable notificaition. Same problem with Wyze Cam Outdoor.

I have share the Wyze Cam Outdoor with a person that use iPhone and the wyze cam outdoor notification work on the iphone.


Alright, thanks for trying that.

Can you confirm that your getting notifications from other cameras on YOUR phone, just not this one camera? Also, are you getting events from the camera in the events tab at the bottom of the app?