Schedule notifications when camera is recording 24hrs per day

I want to record 24 hours a day but only get notifications during certain hours. Looks like others would like the same thing.

Welcome to the community, @steve13.

24 hr recording is available via a micro SD card…

…and scheduling notifications during certain hours is available via the app.


I think what steve13 is asking for is the ability to detect, record and store events in the cloud 24 hours a day, but not get notifications for those events 24 hours a day. For example, you want to schedule notifications only during waking hours, but not while sleeping. But you still want events to be recorded overnight so you can review them the next day.

The Wyze app doesn’t support scheduling when notifications are sent. It only supports scheduling when events are detected, recorded and stored in the cloud, and by extension when notifications are sent. Not the same thing.

Thank you for the feedback. You may be correct with your assessment, but @steve13 never replied back, so I considered the question answered with the information I provided back on February 4th. Hopefully, if that is not true, they will add more to this thread. :slight_smile: