Record events only (to SD) without cloud storage

I have cloud storage off (event recording “motion” and “sound” both off) but under advanced settings, local storage I have it set to “record events only” but it does not record any events. Continuous records works as expected.

How do I turn on event recording to the SD card without also storing to the cloud? The connection is very limited (25gb/month) so cloud storage is not an option.


Once you enable local recording to SDcard (Advanced Settings/Local Storage/Local Recording to SDcard/Record events only, you then define what constitutes an ‘event’ under Detection Settings. Specify the desired region of the screen (the detection ‘zone’), and adjust the Sensitivity. If it’s not triggering on any moving objects in front of the camera, increase the sensitivity to a higher level.

In this configuration, the camera is supposed to save to SDcard any/every one-minute interval during which an ‘event’ was detected. ‘Events’ recorded to the SDcard are viewed by tapping the VIEW PLAYBACK button. If the camera is not capturing any ‘events’ to the SDcard, best that you open a ticket with Wyze and report the problem.

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Thank you Kyphos

Can you clarify that if I am saving to internal storage that cloud storage is completely disabled automatically?

Incorrect. Storage of 12-second clips to The Cloud is independent of recording to SDcard. The former is enabled/disabled on the Events Recording page. (Detects motion and/or Detects sound). Cloud storage is not disabled automatically if the SDcard is being used.

Hi Kyphos, thanks again I do appreciate the help a lot.

I’m still not clear on how to specifically disable cloud storage while keeping the local storage of events enabled.

I apologize, I re-read your first message and I understand now. I believe this is already how I have it set up and no events were being recorded however I will double check soon when I get home and will report back.

Is it possible that you are looking in the wrong place for recordings made to the SDcard?? Such ‘events’ are not found on the Events page. Instead, they are found by first selecting the camera of interest (if you have multiple Wyze cameras), and then tapping VIEW PLAYBACK. The Playback window will open, which features a horizontal timeline on which recorded videos (i.e., recorded to the SDcard) are indicated by tiny faint green lines. You can scroll the timeline left and right to find recordings at times of interest.

The Wyze user interface that deals with ‘events’ recorded to the cloud and ‘events’ recorded to the SDcard has been a source of confusion for many. Some think it to be a less-than-wise design.

If the timeline on the Events window is completely empty (and you have Local recording to micro SD Card set to Record events only), double-check on the positioning of the detection zone, and the sensitivity. Other troubleshooting steps include trying a different SD card, reformatting the SD card, resetting the camera, and/or returning it for replacement.

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Kyphos just wanted to check back in and say thank you. After you confirm the settings for me and I knew I had it set up correctly I realized what the problem was. It takes up to about 15 seconds for the recordings to show up in the timeline, the camera is on a very low speed cellular connection in a remote area. This is my first time using a wyze cam and did not realize it would take this long to show up. Thanks again for your help, it is very appreciated

You’re quite welcome.
These cameras are nifty, but have a number of ‘quirks’.

FYI - sometimes recordings that were made to the SDcard never show up in the timeline. On a number of occasions, I’ve encountered a bug where a event-triggered recording that was on the SDcard simply did not appear on the timeline (not after 15 seconds, not after 15 minutes, not after 15 days!). When I positioned the timeline to the specific time that the event occurred, the video started playing, but the timeline was totally blank.

Interesting. Well, good to know - maybe just a small bug there to watch out for.