The company is shady. I have purchased 4 cameras. Since my purchase the company has decided they need to make more money. I used to be able to store 12 second clips on the sd card slot. They now require a plan to save. They claim that you can sign up for what they call Cam plus light but every time I try to it just tells me I have to pay that money. I called them and tried to work out the problem but they just kept telling me every excuse on why this and why that and refuse to accept any responsibility for the situation. The fact is when I bought these cameras I bought them solely because I could save to the camera and not have to pay a company to monitor my stuff. I never would have purchased them if I would have known the day would come when they would back out on our arrangement and decide to require me to pay them for each camera that I have on a monthly basis. I personally feel that it is dishonest and shady. If the company is struggling for money and they need more then maybe they need to figure out who’s going to take some pay cuts. I cannot recommend anybody purchase products from this company.

Sorry to hear you are having an issue. Here is a link which provides a Video on how to do it as well as a step by step link. Hopefully this will help out.

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They are not charging or changing anything about the SD cards. You still have SD recording either continuous or event only.

The events on the event tab in the app are, and have always been, cloud recordings. And there is a free option on the website. Click custom amount, enter 0, decline the pop-up asking if you’ll consider a dollar amount. Then click to subscribe for 0.

You can still get to your SD recordings the same way as always: by clicking view playback on the live view or clicking view playback on the event in the events tab.


I linked to your write-up in the link I provided. :slight_smile: I realize there is more, but wanted to provide the YouTube Video as well.

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Thanks! I just didn’t feel like finding and copying my old post. It was easier to just add the screenshots again. :joy:


I understand. Yours was pretty thorough so I started using it. :slight_smile:

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Well I wasn’t going for pretty, but I’ll take it! I just figured some people are better with photos than watching a video while others are better at just reading. Tried to cover some bases.


So true, I was mentioning that to some staff members today (My first job :slight_smile: ). Told them too many words without pictures tends to lose individuals. Pictures speak volumes.

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i have done the links and videos. its not working.

i dont actually care where it saved at until a week ago. The company changed something and now my stuff doesnt work. thats all i care about. now i have to jump through hoops to get it fixed. im not the only one. how about they just put my stuff back the way it was and we are all good. aside from choosing wyze, i did not create the problem. Wyze created it.

If you have an SD Card, set it to continuous recording and you will be able to do Playback and see everything.

Can you post a few Pics of what you are seeing or running into?

i not by my phone right now. after i get to the choose your price and i choose 0 it just sits there. next is not an option.

I have better luck doing it from a browser. If you have not tried that, go here:

Then scroll to the bottom and you should see the Cam Plus Lite option:

I am subscribed so my screen looks like this. If you are subscribed you will see the same:

You can choose Custom Amount then enter 0 for the amount.

Here is a link I posted in the past:

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Assuming you have uSD card recording turned on, it absolutely is available without CamPlus or CamPlus lite. Access the uSD card recordings via the “View Playback” button on the camera view.


Keep. Clicking submit. Even if it’s greyed out. I had to do that myself. Sometimes that pop-up doesn’t appear right away.

Also, if using the browser on your phone, try using desktop mode in the browser for that page.

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