Outdoor cam with sd carc

So i put in an sd card and i have plus. But i can not save the events. So do I need to have an sd card in the base in order to save it where i can access? Or am I missing something?

If you have an SD card in the base event recording will be saved there. Also if you have an SD in the camera itself you can set it to do scheduled continuous recording ( a lot of battery use) or scheduled event recording or time lapse and the events will be on the SD in the camera. You will need to take the card out to read the card, there is no playback on the outdoor cam. Try a scheduled event recording if that is what you want. If you have plus and want to save some video events just down load them to your phone/device which is easier than dealing with card removal.
Scheduled event recording: Open app. open the camera to live view, on the bottom right of the page you will see three lines stacked up with a dot and a dash, tap that then select scheduled recording.

Yes i have plus. The problem is it no longer gives me the option to save the video. I can only delete. I’m going to try taking the card out when I get home but that is an ordeal.

I didn’t even know I could see the video. It has always only let me delete. :flushed:

Open the app. Go to events on the bottom of the home page and tap that. Tap on the current or previous days so you can see what events are recorded. Tap on the event video and let it play to the end. When it stops playing the video, tap download as shown here, it will save to your picture/video album. I’m using an iPhone, you can decide where you want the videos/pictures to be save in. If you don’t want to keep them on your phone send them to yourself via email or other means and save them someplace else.


Ok im an idiot. Because my previous videos were so short those icons popped up right away. Ill go back to my corner now