Outdoor camera no video files on SD card

I have an Outdoor cam with Plus. The other night it recorded a 5 minute video and I can see the thumbnail image in the app. But when I try and view the video in the app it says it is not available (wifi connection blah blah blah). Fair enough I will pull the SD card out of the camera and view the video from there.

I pull the SD card for the first time in about a year only to find THERE ISN’T A SINGLE VIDEO FILE ON THE SD CARD. There are lots of thumbnail jpg files but not a single video file. What is the purpose of the SD card in the camera if it doesn’t record the video files?!?!

The SD card in the cam is for Time Lapse recording, Scheduled Event recording and Scheduled Continuous recording only. If you have an SD in your base also, that will have video events on it but in your case it will not because that does not work if you have cam plus on it.

EDIT The video on the app is a video stored in the cloud, not the SD card. Close and open the app and maybe restart you phone, check the wi-fi signal and or cell data on your device.

Wow thats weird I just pulled a few of mine from the wireless outdoor cameras and I have my time lapse, so I emailed it first then I took the sd card and loaded it to my laptop and bingo…I had my videos

Not weird, you were doing time lapse (Local recording) the OP is on CP doing “Save to the Cloud”

We have other recorded videos on it as well,she did an instance record,and it’s in my album on the camera app,

I have no idea what an instance record is?. If I record from the live view of my WCO the recording goes the the album on my iPhone, when I use scheduled recording the entire event goes to the SD and I get a 12 second video on the events page of the app.

Instance record is the record button,it goes to the sd card,then I can email it to the party that needs it

The SD card in your phone? iPhones don’t have SD cards.

Nope in the camera