Outdoor Camera has no SD card location

I can not figure out where to put the sd on the outdoor camera. There is no location anywhere. I see you can save to the base. So I put the as card in the base. But you go to the base and you can’t watch the recording from the base and you can’t watch the recording from the camera. Am I missing something or did I get a bunk camera!? I can watch events from the home page. But I want continuous recording and I want to watch that. Because the event recordings never show the whole picture. I need the whole picture saved to my SD card. Great battery life though! Wow!

It’s on the bottom, covered by silicone. It looks similar to the setup button on the pan cam. It’s on the opposite side of the sync button on the bottom of the outdoor cam.


The WCO does not have the ability to do continuous recording, only 12 second event videos at the current time.


@Omgitstony it’s correct about continuous recording not being a function of the WOC as it is in the rest of the line. However, Wyze is working to make the Complete Motion Capture feature available on the cam. Currently your only two options are Time Lapse and Schedule Recording, both found in the More Option on the Home Screen
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Really!? I see in the settings it mentions the sd card but I could not find it. Do I need to break the seal or does it just peel up? Like the cover on the back of the camera for the charging port? No continuous recording is a super bummer. I might return the five in order then. I can’t believe that’s not an option. I’ll look for the location tomorrow when I’m able to get on the roof as it’s getting replaced right now. Thank you.

Thank you for the reply as it was very informative. If it’s a schedule recording will it save the entire recording I schedule? Or just 12 seconds of an event during that schedule? I do not see any preview recording either. So I’m assuming it’s not available and only events can be watched. Thanks again.

Here’s a photo of where the SD card slot is on the outdoor cams. (the SD card itself is not included with the camera, you would need to buy a 32 gb SD card, or use one you already have if it’s compatible).

You can schedule a recording and it will record the whole thing; however the battery will drain very quickly.

From what I understand, no events will be detected while scheduled recording is active.

The outdoor cameras do not have continuous recording like the indoor cameras do, and the user interface within the app is different for the outdoor camera than it is for the other cameras.


Ooooooooh okay that is very helpful. Thank you


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