WOC no longer saves video events to SD card or base

After the recent forced uodate to Cam Plus Lite, my WOC’s will no longer record video events. My only options are still images only (whoxh can be backed up to the base in equally useless format) or to pay for full Cam Plus. I am not interested in Cam Plus or cloud storage. How do I get my WOC to recors video when they are competely offline like they always used to?

The camera never saved video events to the SD card in the camera, “never” unless you do this. Since you don’t want cloud recording set the cam for scheduled event recording (motion only), set for 30 days, no cooldown period, and set the max duration of each video event to the length you want up to 5 Min. Use a good 32GB SD card. I’ve never tried a larger card that is formatted in exFat in the WCO, I have used a 64GB card formatted in FAT32. The video files are saved in the camera album under scheduled recording. If you tap a video to view in the album it will download to your phone/device and you can either play it from the Wyze app or from your device video player.



Thank you for pointing me to the new work around. It looks like this will work as long as I remember to reset the 31 day timer periodically. A small inconvenience to qvoid replacing them with an entirely different solution. Stupid work around, but functional.

With all do respect, WOC (at least the 4 I have) have recorded 12 second video direct to the SD card, backed up to base when close enough, since day 1, without cloud, for years without issue. My local PD has it in evidence. I have several additional bits saved in archive. They worked faithfully in this manner since day 1 until the recent update.

Yes the event videos have always been backed up to the base unless you had cam plus. The heading of your post heading says WOC no longer saves video events to SD card or Base :grin: that is why I posted about the camera. I have never seen a WOC record to the SD in the camera except for Travel Mode, Time lapse or scheduled recording. You are talking about the Battery Powered outdoor cam correct?
I have cam plus lite ($0.00) on all 4 of my cams and they are set for scheduled event recording and they also back up the 12 second cloud events to the base. I added the evidence of that on a post someplace here last week. Edit-- the SD cards in my cameras did contain hundreds of thumbnail photos of events without cam plus.



I guess to be more clear, the cameras were always set to record events and when close enough to backnup to thw base. when viewing the events I dont know where they were being stored. only that they played back. In those days still image events were not even an option. Now they are the only option. The product I putchased has been sabotaged for ransom by the manufacturer.