Sd card and playback

I have a wyze cam outdoor, I put a 32 gb sd card in it, but when I select the playback option it says playback not supported on this device. What am I doing wrong?

Where did you find a Playback option on the WOC?

A WOC is a battery-powered device that is intended to lie unpowered, waiting for a heat signature to pass in front of its PIR sensor to wake it up. You can manually schedule a 24-hour recording, but it is difficult to do and you will quickly drain the battery.

So a WOC is not like a powered V2 or V3 cam that can record to the SD card 24/7.

A SD card in the Outdoor Camera can store captured video, photographs, time-lapses, and scheduled recordings.

You can access those recordings from More > Album, but any recordings over a few minutes in length you should just go out and get the card and view it on a computer. Large downloads are very slow, and will take almost as long as the recording length.

A SD card in the base station can only backup event clips of 12 seconds or less for up to 4 cameras. Those same events are still available from the cloud, so it is a protective measure only. A SD card in the base will not store captured video, photographs, time-lapses, scheduled recordings, or even backup Cam Plus event clips.


Shows playback at the bottom.

What version of the Firmware are you using. Like @Newshound indicated, the Outdoor Cam was not intended to provide direct access to the SD Card from the app. The Cameras you plug into power does.

The options at the bottom of your screen is different from the icons at the bottom of mine, this is why I am curious on this.

I have the latest Beta App for Android: v2.24.16 and iOS: v2.24.26 (4)
The WOC Firmware I have is:

It appeared to be a glitch. They tried it again and it didn’t have the playback button the second time (I switched to a DM):


Got it. That was a bit confusing. Appreciate the update.