Purpose of SD card in outdoor camera?

hello everyone!

      the SD card slot on outdoor cameras are meant for??? on my home cam (wyze pan) has an option in the bottom where it says "view playback". is this option available for outdoor cameras. Also, how are your thoughts on CamPLUS. i want to record motion/security more then 12seconds. how long does it record for? till motion is no longer there? 

      thank you!

Welcome to the forums! I am guessing you are talking about the Wyze Cam Outdoor (WCO) that is battery operated. The sd card in the camera itself is for scheduled recording, and timelapse recording. It’s local storage works differently than the pan due to the wco being battery operated, so to view recordings from the wco you’d need to remove the card and put it into a computer to view. That’s why there is no “playback” like the pancam.

Camplus records for the duration of the motion, and saves it to the cloud with no cool down. The free cloud storage is the 12 second clip, with a cool down period afterward before another clip can be saved.


Question on that , if there was no event recording does that mean 100% that there isn’t a recording on thr SD card either ?

Cloud storage and local storage are Independant of eachother. That would depend on what your local storage settings are.