WOC SD card and playback not working

I formatted and installed a micro SD card in my new WOC. When I go to Settings/MicroSD Card Storage I see that the card is inserted. I formatted it in the WOC to be sure that it was properly configured. I currently have a bar that shows 0.0G/29.7G. After doing this I went to the camera and saw I had an event and below it said “View Playback.” I clicked assuming I would see the playback from the camera and instead got a “Video playback is not supported.”

Then I inserted a 2nd SD card in my base station. Again, I see the 0.0G/29.7G. It’s properly formatted and working.

  1. On WOC is continuous recording supported via SD card? If there’s an important even I want the entire event recorded. Because it’s a WOC and there are potential batter issues I can only assume continuous recording via SD isn’t supported?

  2. What’s the purpose of the SD card? Is it so I can save clips and screenshots?

  3. Why when watching the first event was there a ‘view playback’ button on the WOC like on my v3 camera that has a SD card?

  4. As a side note, I noticed that even with my v3 camera only shows playback for an extended event and all other times it shows “there is no video.” Is Cam Plus required for my camera to continually record to my SD card? I remember in the past that with my V1 and v2 cameras I had a SD card and it recorded everything all the time but would trigger on events. Then I could see an event and look at the SD card extended recording if I wanted more details.

  5. I was concerned that this would be the case so I bought the Cam Plus for $15/year on the camera. In this case, it at least continues recording until the event ends. If someone is robbing me and it’s all on camera then the camera should continue to record the entire event and upload it to the cloud, correct?

  6. What’s the purpose of the SD card in the base station? Same thing? At what point does is the base station SD card used? What causes something to be saved to that video card? I thought maybe it serves as a proxy for the WOC recording but I guess not.

I looked for documentation and forum posts about all of this but couldn’t find anything specific. Any help sorting this all out would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

EDIT: Update. As I give this more thought, maybe the SD card is if you want to use the WOC in standalone mode without the base station. I like this idea and plan to buy another camera to take to hotels with me and other locations that I’d like to have better security when I’m away from my personal belongings.

However, I bought the solar panel and plan to mount that. If the solar panel acts as my offsetting power source then why can’t I enable video recording?

  1. Continuous recording is not supported because it is a battery camera. However, you can manually schedule recordings.
  2. You can save Time Lapse videos and Scheduled Recordings to the camera’s SD card.
  3. There should be no Playback buttons in the app for an Outdoor Camera. Are you sure you saw one?
  4. Cam Plus is not required for any SD card functionality. It only enhances cloud Event clips. If you are continuously recording on a V3, the Playback button on an Event should always take you directly to the same footage on the SD card. Are you sure you are in continuous record mode on the V3? Is your timeline on Playback a solid light blue?
  5. So long as there is motion, Cam Plus should record. There may be a few seconds missing at the beginning while the hibernating camera wakes up to start the recording.
  6. The SD card in the Base is used to back up Event clips sent to the cloud. Unfortunately this capability is not compatible with Cam Plus.

I do not understand this question. The Solar Panel simply recharges your battery; it does not otherwise affect operation.

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I’m wondering if the reason the WOC may not have continuous record and playback from SD is because it does not have a power source. However, when you connect it to a solar panel it then has a power source.

Not really, at least for things like recording & live streaming. The Solar Panel recharges the battery fine, and is overkill for the normal ‘dormant’ mode of the WOC. However, for the purposes of something like live streaming you can probably only get away with a couple hours of that a day. Beyond that, your recharge rate won’t keep up.

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So it sounds like the short answer is that the WOC doesn’t support continuously recording to SD card(it’s only used to store clips/travel mode), even if you have a solar panel, because it wouldn’t provide enough power. And the reason I saw “View Playback” on the app must’ve been a bug(it appeared the first time and hasn’t been visible since). If you want to continually record to the SD card you need a v3 and power. The only way to get more than a short event recording is with Cam Plus.