HELP! - Saving and retrieving video on SD card

I can not save and retrieve video to my SD card. I see the instructions telling me to toggle “Save to SD card”, but I do not have that option in advance settings.

I watched a YouTube video that showed exactly how to do it, and it looks really easy and fast, except I do not have that function. I am sure there is just a setting somewhere that I need to adjust, but I cant find it anywhere.

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The Advanced Settings of the V3 Cam should look like this in the latest app version with the latest firmware. What app version are you running and what firmware version is running on the cam?

Is that camera actually a v3? I believe those are the settings for the battery powered Wyze cam outdoor. If that’s the case then that camera does not support continuous recording


That screenshot is of the WCO V2. If you have Cam+ the option to save recorded events to the base SD card is disabled. I just learned this fact from Gwen last week.

If the camera is not on a Cam+ plan, then I think there is an option in the Event Recording screen that allows you to save triggered events to the base. The SD card in the local camera can only be used to store manual/scheduled recordings and time lapse recordings.

As Beans says above, the WCO V1 and V2 cameras do not support continuous recording.