Seeking SD Card Advice [Wyze Cam Outdoor v2]

I set my Wyze Cam Outdoor to record via time lapse this morning. Unfortunately, the battery is about to die and I noticed the warning that the time lapse video could fail if the battery dies.

I stopped the recording and am now downloading the file, but I am having forced to record to my iPhone 10X rather than directly to a Dropbox folder (with much more space!).

Should I stop the download and turn off the camera to preserve the recording that is on the micro SD card?

As long as you stopped the timelapse already, the recording on the MicroSD card should be preserved even if the camera battery dies. You would just have to resume the the download again later when you have more battery again. So it’s no big deal to start trying now. If it fails, just recharge the camera and try again later.

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Awesome! Thank you so much.

Do you happen to know where the partial download may go on my iphone if the download stopped before completing?

I am not sure of the file location on iOS, but one of the other guys might be able to tell us.

I would think that if the download did no complete it would not be anywhere on your device? Every recording I have downloaded from a WCO SD card has gone to the iCloud photo album on my phone and iPad.