Read Micro SD

How do I view the Time lapse videos saved to my microSD card? I bought a brand new system at the Home Depot this weekend. “WYZE, Wireless Outdoor Surveillance Home Security Camera v2, with Color Night Vision, Includes Base Station” Iformatted, my micro SD card, and started trying to make time lapse videos, but the app does not have a playback function, so I cannot see them.

To access the time-lapse of files on your WCO V2, from the live view screen hit the more button just below the camera view then click on albums. There should be a time-lapse folder where your time-lapse file should be. I believe you’ll need to be on the same network as the camera to be able to download it, then download it and view it on your device.


I did just as you said, and was able to access the files in the album. It looks like it is going to work very well. Thank you for your help.

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Thanks for the update! If you get any cool time lapses, do you post them on the forums for all the check out! :slight_smile: