So explain the SD card in the camera vs. in the base?

Which SD card do I want to put in use for my camera that is solar panel mounted, on the wifi and talking to the base. Do I put it in the camera or the slot in the base for recording I may want to review?

I have one in the base and one in the camera but you have to take it out and put in a PC to view. I asked and this was what I was told.

Stupid, yes. Yes it is.

First question you need to answer is “Do you have Cam Plus Lite or Cam Plus” ? You need at least one of them to get video events recorded backed up to the base. If you have neither you should put a SD card in the camera, set it up for Scheduled Event recording Set for up to 30 days, motion only, no cooldown period and the maximum video duration for each motion event between 12 seconds and 5 minutes.
The video events recorded using Scheduled event recording are saved in the camera Album. If you tap on them to view they will be downloaded to your device photo album. You can then play them via the Wyze app or on you device video player. The videos on the WYZE app will look like this:

If you have Cam Plus or Cam plus Lite you can view the 12 second clips via the events page on the Wyze app. If you have CP or CP lite with backup up to the base and want to view what is on the SD you have to take the card out and view it. The card will have many thumbnail photos and the same cloud event videos you can view from the events page on the app. The date/time on all the SD files from the base are GMT Time and difficult to figure out depending on your time zone. My files are labeled as 8 hours earlier than the actual event since I live in California . Confusing? Yes! :upside_down_face: